Record collecting versus hoarding

At what point does "collecting" records become hoarding? Unless you are in the business of selling records either primarily or even secondarily, why do so many people here talk about having 2,3,4,6,10,000 records and CDs? It's not stamps or coins.

Let's say you listen to records 15 hours a week (a good estimate for me) that equates to about 750 hours a year or 1000 records a year. I like to listen to mine at least once every three months - I have 300 records and change. In the rare instance when I replace one for a better sounding one (I've done it maybe 4-5 times), I immediately sell the old one - with only one exception. The Sgt Pepper UHQR. I already had it on the Beatles Collection and do occasionally listen to it when I want a treat. It does sound better than the regular Mofi one, which sounds great to me.

Why would you have multiple copies of the same record and not just listen to the best sounding one and sell the rest?

Why would you want records you listen to less than once a year?

Maybe some people listen a lot more than me (and replace cartridges/styli pretty ofter or have a bunch of them)?

The reason I bring this up is because Acoustic Sounds is releasing Steely Dan's studio albums from the 1970s on their UHQR brand (not sure how they now own the name and not Mofi, but that is not the point), I am a huge fan and will be getting a few of these overpriced (IMHO) records, which will replace a few of my non-audiophile (except the Aja Mofi) records. I plan to sell the Aja Mofi immediately after getting the UHQR, which I am sure will sound much better. That is worth a few bucks, but the others I sell should be worth $10-15 in trade at a record store.

Anyone with records they play less than once a year or keep multiple pressings of a single album, please let me know your rationale.

Are you a hoarder? Too lazy to get rid of them? Like the way they decorate your room?


I don’t have a lot of LPs any more, and don’t intend to add many, but I do have some and an old Sansui turntable with an Audio Technica cartridge... works well enough. I like to flip through them, and they’re rather inconspicuous in the bottom of a small cabinet that also holds some folders with my much larger, much more carefully curated CD collections (QUITE the variety of genres).

I have I don’t know how many hundreds of CDs, and I’m certainly not going to get rid of them; I got rid of the cases, though, and organized them by genre and some semblance of rational order therein, within those three-ring-binder type cases and it’s great to flip through them, take one out, give it a spin... kinda like old books, or LPs in that regard.

It’s only a problem if you spend too much money on it, and/or it becomes an cluttered zone that negatively impacts your and your significant other’s enjoyment of your space.

@lewm - I am always looking for new ones to add, it's just hard to find ones that I like that are available on vinyl. And yes, If I play one of my "non-rotation" records (Michael Jackson, etc.), I do remember what I liked about it, and why it is no longer in the mix. I don't know if I call that delight, more like surprise.

The problem is, I don't want to take away from my records on heavy rotation. I have been adding at a faster clip than before the pandemic, that is for sure. Ergo, the new record bin just added that holds 50-60 records.

What do you mean here?: “I don’t want to take away from my records on heavy rotation.”

I like looking at my records. It gives me a warm feeling inside to see a wall of them neatly organized, ready to play. It is not a feeling you get collecting digital files which I also do. 

Interesting and somewhat painful - What is hoarding vs. collecting

Assuming you have access to all your LP’s and haven’t moved out of your house to have space for them and you don’t have them in your bathtub (I knew someone who had books thin his tub) and therefore don’t shower or shower somewhere else.... is it still hoarding?

What if you don’t listen much to the many records you have? That can be hoarding too.

In my case I have a strong sentimental value attached to my collection or hoarding. I started buying records when just graduated high school the first was waltzes by Strauss (I was taken by the blue Danube) the second was Swan Lake. I was then drafted into the (Israeli) army and would come home once a week for the weekend- on the way I would stop at the record store in town and buy a record - my pocket money from the army was always equal 5 records...

I loved to listen on my Dual turntable and learnt a lot. I continue to buy records, move to the US, and discovered Tower Records... I would frequent it often (on 66th and Broadway in NYC) and continue to buy / collect/ hoard...

I brought my records from Israel too (many are Decca and US press and some bad / noisy Israeli pressing). I don’t listen much to records even though I have several turntables - mostly I think my hearing is not what it used to be but also there is work involved in putting on records ... But I don’t listen much to my many CD’s that I transferred to my PC. So, I think I am a hoarder regardless of the organization and the cleanliness in which I keep my collection. But I still remember where I bought my records, how much I paid for them and where I bought them. So - I am keeping them as friends not forgotten even though not visited much. I don't buy records anymore - sometimes I replace bad recordings with the same better pressing - but I mostly stopped buying more.