Record cleannig fluid to Nitty Gritty Mini pro 1

Hello, i have a nitty gritty mini pro 1 record cleaner machine, this is full automatic and two sides. I need referencs about best recor cleaner fluid to this machine, i know that nitty gritty fluid 2 is a option but need more comments or experiences with others. Thanks
I've been using Nitty Gritty Pure 2 for over 20-years - first with my NG 2.5, now with my Loricraft PRC-4. Pure 2 does a nice job on most records. For the really dirty ones, I use *Smart* available from the U.S. distributor for Loricraft.
Having used the Nitty Gritty Fluid, I am not a fan of it. I personally use the Mobile Fidelity (formerly RRL) Super Deep and like it, although I've heard very positive things about the Audio Intelligent, Disc Doctor and Walker cleaners as well.

I dispensed with the Mobile Fidelity Super Vinyl Wash a few years ago after discovering that ultrapure water was a much more effective second step/final rinse in cleaning and I think that this is the key: what you really want is a good surfactant based first stage in cleaning (and I would argue that this should contain little, preferably no alcohol) followed by the purest water you can find. IMO, those that argue that simple store bought distilled or RO does the same job are misguided. Do a google search for the cleaning properties or the abilities of ultrapure water as a cleaning agent for some more information.

I don't think it is any coincidence that the cleaners getting the rave reviews in the past few years all, for the most part, use a very high purity water as the final stage in cleaning. I think, in fact, that the efficacy of their products has just as much to do with the purity of the water in their final stage of cleaning/rinsing as it does with the first stage, either surfact or enzyme based.

What I do have a problem with is how much the commercial record cleaners (Mobile Fidelity, Walker, Audio Intelligent etc.) charge for their pure water products when similar products can be had in the open market for a fraction of the price.

Buy a good surfactant based cleaner from the big guys (Mobile Fidelity, Audio Intelligent, Walker, etc.) and then buy 5 gallons of Type 1/Reagent Grade water from a Medical/Scientific supply house for $50 (enough to clean about 2,000 records, rinse brushes for cleaning etc.) and you'll only be buying the surfactant in the near term.