Record Cleaning Obitrac

Now that Allsop has once again stopped makeing the Orbitrac 2 there is a way to keep using it. In fact I did this from the word go. Disc Doctor Miracle Replacement Pads fit perfectly over Orbitrac white pads that wear out rather quickly. Leave about one quarter of a inch back from the outer edge of the Orbitrac pad. This way you get all the record grooves from outside to inside. Make sure the Disc Doctor replacement pad is centered, press down and then press the edges of the Disc Doctor Pads to the edge of the Orbitrac pad. Alternatly you can start at the edge of the Orbitrac pad and work to the other edge. Just leave a little gap between the Disc Doctor pad and the plastic of the Orbitrac. The Disc Doctor pads do not quite touch the plastic on both sides. I clean the pads in distilled water after use with a soft toothbrush. Be surprised at what comes off. After a couple of rinses the edges of the Disc Doctor pad will start to come loose. A little Elmers Craft Bond will take care of this and hold as long as you want. I use the 3 part Walker Prelude system for washing. The Orbitrac one part light mist cleaner sucks. I never used it but I've heard the pad is hard to move on the record and hangs up. Duh! No wonder they quit production twice when they have a better mouse trap. The Disc Doctor pads are good quality and last a very long time. I go 3 to 4 revolutions each way lightly for each step. I use the lower price Nitty Gritty without the injection system as you will not need the injection which wastes a lot of expensive fluid any way. You will pay for the Nitty Gritty with fluid saved. Mine still has the auto rotation which is a must. Do not get the manual rotator if you have more than a few records. The spindle on the Orbitrac looks like it could wear out some time in the future. I've done at least 200 records doing 3 part cleaning and it's still going but is wearing a little. I will get a shaft off a old turntable or something. Cut or grind it to lenght and glue a o-ring or falcet washer for height to replace it. I'll think of something. It's nice to have or nesessary to have 3 Orbitrac pads for 3 part cleaning solutions. There you have it, the Orbitrac should last a long time. I do not think a $3000.00 record cleaner can top this or do near the job of this fairly cheap solution with the lower priced Nitty Gritty. If Orbitrac would sell the rights I think Disc Doctor should buy them or Walker. Either way it would be a win win for vinyl lovers at a decent price and cleaner records than the expensive record cleaners. Are you listening?