Record cleaning fluids: Torumat

Torumat was the best cleaning fluid I've ever tried but the founder passed away many years ago. I have heard that this may be resurrected by family/new owners . Has anyone heard anything- any recommendations as a replacement?
Walker Prelude from Walker Audio. It's great. Tons has been already said about why & how. Search the archives and try it. Cheers,
I'm sure that I am in the minority here, but I don't find the Walker fluids any better than the MoFi ones. It really seems the process more than the fluids.

Steaming really works the best for me.
Not True. Process is important, but the fluids vary greatly. I still have a 1/2 bottle of Tourmat left, and it was the best stuff I have ever used. I have tried many. Im glad I still have a little left. I only use it on my most special records, since it has been discontinued. If there is any truth about Touromat being Ressurected, Im interested to know. Anyone know if this is true?? I mean about Touromat, not Walker. Thanks, Ray
Ted, I've used most of the cleaning fludis available (but not Torumat) and I've come to the conclusion that the Walker Audio Prelude Quartet record cleaning process is the best I've been able to find. I highly recommend it. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, so there's not much risk to trying it out for yourself.

I do not doubt that Macdadtexas is accurately relating his experience. But everyone for whom I've done a comparative cleaning here has been immediately struck by the improvement in clarity and accuracy of timbre from the Prelude Quartet cleaning regimen.

Best wishes to you in your search,