Record cleaning concentrates

Interested in the experience or comments of A'goners who have used any of the record cleaning concentrates currently available eg L'Art Du Son, VPI and/or Walker Audio Active enzymes. The concentrates all come in 1oz or 2 oz bottles that yield upto 5 litres of record cleaning fluid after mixing with distilled water etc.
With my rapidly growing vinyl collection and cleaning needs, the concentrates may be the answer as I am unable to secure supplies of the 16/32 oz stuff on a regular basis.
Many thanks for your help/recomendations etc
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A friend of mine has used the UHF Record Cleaning Fluid from Ultra High Fidelity (UHF) magazine's audiophile store in Montreal (Canada) and he is very satisfied.
I have been using the VPI stuff and it does a good job, but from what I have heard the enzyme based stuff is more effective. So why don't I use it? I simply do not need to. The VPI fluid is fine, and my records sound very quiet, and I do buy many used LPs very frequently. Hop that helps.
Disc Doctor is usually the most recommended though pricey.If you have mold spores their is a compound that has "gold" in it's title (I am spacing now) that removes difficult to remove spores by breaking them down on enzyme level.You can search record cleaner and Gold and you'll find it here on 'Gon.On really scratchy LP's Toroumat is said to soften sound without messing up LP.But to that end no matter what cleaner you get check out LAST line of products most in order of importance 1)LAT LP Preservative 2)LAST Power Pre-cleaner 3) thier stylus treatment which helps preserve stylus (check with cart manufacturer aboput tip adhesive and wet stylus treatments)I'm somebody who likes LAST LP pre-clean for really gunky,gunky (smoke etc) and the thier best product the LAST Preservative and their stylus treatment (careful use small hard art brush cut at 45 degree angle to put small amount so does not creep into motor assembly).But of these preserve LP's.

But now to your main question at hand.Biggest debate is if alcohol based cleaners dry out vinyl.They might.But I think you should use distilled/purified water to clean after cleaning which would make these effect negligible.So you can save money on cleaner itself because of price it's price I got my own recipe from a guy who works at VPI (whose concentrate is fine and can be used on shellac 78's which my home brew can't).Take a Gal of distilled water.Run it through it's own filter pitcher (I have a Pur pitcher just for LP's) then empty it into large pot.Take jug and add TWO OR THREE EYE DROPS of Dawn dish liquid (was best during "clear" craze no dye but that negligible) then same amount of Kodak Photoflow which reduces fluid tensions and let's cleaner spread evenly.Then pour water back into Gal jug.Waaay cheaper then commercial cleaners and unlike some cleaners need not be refrigerated.I use Alsop Orbitrac with LAST pre-clean and that keeps VPI (or Nitty Gritty) cleaner and pads last loner,use this fluid,then a wash in plain water to remove artifacts of cleaner,then use because of static build use Zerostat because regular play,sleeve insertion/removal and this cleaning builds static charge.Lastly I use LAST preservative which should if not wet cleaned obsessively last for 40-50 plays.After this is done even on new records (stamper release compounds) and then just dry clean and occasional wet cleans your records will be best preserved with good table set up.This tech at VPI who had nothing to gain by recommending it to me told me while LAST is expensive folks brought LP's to him at shows he'd play and when he say "how many times have you played this?" if they used the Preservative he'd guess half a dozen or a dozen and they'd reply "hundreds of plays".It's that good.Their are many record cleaning strings about just cleaners and who ritual thing.Look 'em up for fun and profit.
Do a search. This topic comes up on every analog forum known to man at least once a week. ;-)
I have tried a number of products. I have settled on the Walker Prelude 4 step system. It is time consuming but it seems to work the best. I hear a clarity that I haven't heard in some recordings. I have tried L'Art Dus, Record Doctor, VPI, Nitty Gritty and this is where I wound up. But I still will try whatever comes down the pike.
The Walker Audio Prelude 4 Step process here, after trying many others over many years. It simply works the best of any cleaning fluids regimen I've ever used (including most already listed above), and allows for a clarity and transparency of reproduction from the record grooves that I've not experienced before.
Sunnyboy Read through the archives on this topic.
In amongst the thread's you will find very favorable comment's using an active enzyme soak first step application.
Other enzyme base brand's are also available on the market.
I happen to use Walker's solution.

I'm in total agreement with Rushton's experience with the Walker Prelude and Step 4 final rinse.

This cleaning solution is everything as advertised backed with a full refund if not satisfied for any reason.

Most definitely Lloyd Walker's solution is something you have to try.