Record Cleaning brushes - experimentation?

I know we tend to beat the subject of record cleaning to death (but we all love it so much) - yet I don't remember seeing much of a discussion of record cleaning brushes.

I scrub my records when I clean them. I use mostly MoFi fluids and brushes, but since I recently bought my 2nd VPI machine, I've been experimenting with VPI fluid and brushes. The VPI brush seems a little hard and bristly, but after going back and forth with it versus that MoFi brushes, I'm not sure it doesn't get a little deeper into the grooves and perhaps dislodge a bit more debris. But I only use the VPI brush with the VPI maybe it's in part the fluid I'm responding to. However, the MoFi enzyme-based fluid seems to dissolve some debris that the VPI doesn't catch (as I've noticed when I go back to VPI-cleaned Lps and do them over with MoFi). (In fact, I can go back after a MoFi cleaning and get some improvement with the VPI brush and fluid, but also go back after a VPI cleaning and get some improvement with the MoFi brushes and fluids.)

Probably the answer is to continue to mix and match, and on really problematic records, use it all. But I'm curious to hear from record-cleaning folks that have experimented with different brushes. What do you like? One, or another, or a combination?

Many types of brushes are out there and in my experience the microfiber type brushes are superior to the standard bristle brushes to get into the grooves. I do like a stiffer brush for the reason you state. I have used the vpi brush, mofi brush, bristle type brushes and some of the microfiber cloth and brushes. One of my favorite is a stiff microfiber brush that i use for wet cleaning that is very good as an initial cleaning brush to spread the cleaning solution and get some agitation into the groove. I use this in combination with a steaming step then reapply using a mofi microfiber brush with cleaner followed by a rinse with distilled h20 and clean mofi brush.
Oilmanmojo - Thanks much. So I'm clear, you consider the MoFi brush to be a "microfiber" brush? (I don't really know what "microfiber" means, to be honest.) The stiff microfibre brush that you use for wet cleaning, first step, is that a MoFi brush? And would you consider the VPI brush to be a "standard bristle" brush?

I was using th ones you are using but recently purchased walker audios three brush set-I only use it for cleaning used records with the AI 3-step cleaners and I'm happy with it. For new records, its mofi brushes (2 seperate ones) with Needle Dr fluid and rinse with distilled water. (Trying to avoid cross contamination). I was using the VPI brush with the Needle Dr. but read it doesn't get into the grooves as well as the mo-fi. I should pick up another set of the walkers and use those all the way around as they do a great job.
For about 5 years I've been using nothing but the LAST brushes, currently 10 for $30. Easy to see when to discard them because they're white to start with. I use a separate one for each of the three AIVS cleaning fluids including the final Ultra-Pure water rinse
The stiff microfiber brush i use for wet cleaning is one that is actually used as a lint cleaning for fabric. it is made by evercare and i found it a walgreens. The stiff microfibers (please recognize they are not metal just a stiff fine synthetic fiber) are directional and small enough to get into the groove. Some folks are a little afraid of it because of concerns of scratching the vinyl. I tested it many times on old vinyl and virgin vinyl without any scratching issues. Again i use it when i do wet cleaning. The mofi is a microfiber pad that glues to your applicator handle. It is a good brush and can be used for wet or dry applications. However when i used it on extremely dirty records, it took several cleaning to get the vinyl perfectly clean. The VPI brush i am talking about is a bristle brush. I use it to spread the liquid across the record surface. I have also used a high quality paint brush to do that also. I have not used the walker brushes though i have a friend that likes them a lot.
Here is a partial answer to my own question, based on some experimentation: Based upon some recommendations, I tried some Disc Doctor brushes. They are similar to the MoFi brushes, but a little easier to work with IF you are doing some scrubbing while the record is turning on the RCM (which is what I do). I really can't say that they're better for certain...I just find the smaller shape a little easier to work with. I have ordered a brush from Osage (which carries AI fluids) that is like a VPI brush, and that is reportedly a bit better for scrubbing.

In doing some digging into fluids, I've gotten some different answers about the MoFi "enzyme" fluid I referred to in the original post. I was referring to the MoFi Super Deep Clean. Several sources would suggest that it has no enzymes, although Music Direct reports to me that there are some enzymes in it (but not as much as the new Mo Fi Enzyme cleaner), and advises that it is best left on for about 4 minutes. I have indeed gotten better results with the waiting, and the scrubbing.
The VPI 17f brush the one that comes with the 16.5 package is my choice. Hard enough to do get down into the deepest grooves soft enough to not do any harm. My results using them are superior. That does not mean theres better. What works for you is all that matters.
I agree. The VPI brush tends to do more than the MoFi brush for me.

I have given up on the VPI fluid. I think it is just detergent, alcohol, and water.

I am partially dissatisfied with MoFi fluids too (both enzyme and regular), however I still use them. I have found nothing better yet, and I think they are good enough except on the worst offenders. I guess the hardest to clean LP's will never be totally clean. Maybe my expectations are too high.
I tested [the Evercare microfiber lint brush] many times on old vinyl and virgin vinyl without any scratching issues.

I've tested it, too, and it *did* scratch the blank test LP I used. YMMV. Buyer beware.
Sorry my recommendation impacted your vinyl. Do you use the brush wet or Dry. I have used routinely now for close to a year without scratching any record. I did a test on some blank vinyl as you did and did not have any problem. I only use the brush as part of a wet cleaning system with moderate pressure. I use a soft microfiber brush for sweeping a record prior to playing but even then i spray a light mist of distilled water and alcohol prior to cleaning. I still find evercare brush is the best brush i have ever used for the real grundgy records. i use a mitt made out of the same material with similar results. I have used it to clean my new David Gilmour Live in Gdansk and the record is flawless. Zero pops, clicks on every side.
No apology necessary. I ran out and purchased an Evercare brush right after it was first recommended on the forum (a while back). However, my first test was to swirl it dry on a blank side of an LP. The brush left swirl marks in the vinyl, so I felt is was a "too much risk vs. the potential gain" solution. If you've got a process that works for you, that's all that matters. I was concerned that my process would damage my LPs.

I now use it on my clothes. Works great!!!