Record cleaning

So I finally had the opportunity to fetch my system from my parents garage(1000 miles is a ways to lug a system as big as mine)  now, I want to clean the records. From what I've read, isoproponal? Is the alcohol to use for vinyl as it won't attack the plasticizers, by l but I also have a large inherited connection of 78's that won't be played because I don't have a player for them,  and I'm assuming they need different care. 

Now, I would prefer to use something that I either 1) already have, eg.  Simple green, 409, etc,  or 2) something that is available locally easily(which is hard, living in a town of 10,000, and 2 hours away from an established city) 

My system isn't very high quality,  it's a system from Sears from the 80's,  but I'm hoping that cleaning the vinyl will help increase the audio quality
I would call Cable Company and have them send you whatever they recommend for your budget. If you try to make sometning yourself, you run the risk of damaging your records. 
If you are not sure that cleaning your records is going to increase the sound quality of your old records, you might want to buy a new record of some music you like or want to hear. You will be playing new, virgin vinyl on you system and will get a better understanding of the possibilities regarding the sound quality expectation.

If the sound you hear on the new record is good enough to warrant an investment in cleaning your old records, you could buy something like a Spin Clean and start cleaning your old records. The Spin Clean is a bath type cleaner. It's not the best cleaner in the world, but it is inexpensive and does a decent job. You can buy it from Audio Advisor, Music Direct and many other on-line dealers.
Great suggestions by reubent.
One thing though, never use pure isoproponol on vinyl records; it needs to be diluted with distilled water. Use Google and our archives to find info regarding cleaning solutions.
I have the Spin Cleaner and as said it's not the best but at under $100 it does a good job. Good Luck and enjoy your vinyl.
I make my own record clener using thr formula from the December 1996 Stereophile magazine. My lp's are super clean and dead silent.  I clean at every play.  Email me and I will send you the .pdf file of the formula.


I use a Knosti on all my new acquisitions. I visually inspect each record and sometimes play a few seconds of the record to get a feel of how much cleaning is needed.  I use a mix of distilled water, 99% IPA, a few drops of Triton 100 and a couple drops of Photo Flo.  I blow off the records after a distilled water rinse with air from my compressor.

Some records need a second round in the cleaning, others are dead quiet between tracks.

In the spirit of continuous process improvement, I hope to acquire a Project VCS or perhaps an Okki Nokki,,,then later an ultrasonic tank. I want to get a HEPA air filter into the music room at some point as well.
For Christmas I got an Okki Nokki! I love this thing! I like being able to clean a record before playing it.  The vacuum is not as loud as I expected.
Got a spin clean for Christmas and I have cleaned about a 100 records since then and oh man......what a difference. Reduced background noise is the biggest improvement. I knew my discs were dirty but to see the residual water after cleaning was very telling. Spin clean is a great entry level product to get you on the road to better sound.
The Okki Nokki is fantastic!  A huge improvement was noted for both vintage and new vinyl LP's.