Record Cleaner Okki Nokki

I just bought an Okki Nokki record cleaner. I have been using it through maybe 20 lp's, I noticed an improvement, but not what I imagined, specially in old LP's where I cannot get rid of the noisy background. Any tips out there of how to use this machine more efficiently? I followed instructions from the manual.

The machine looks pretty solid and well finished for the price and I read great reviews from users and reviewers, so maybe I am doing something wrong.

Thank you!
A record cleaner cannot get rid of pops and ticks unless they are caused by dirt in the grooves. Any scratches or defects will still be there. A cleaner will help keep the dirt from damaging the vinyl further and keep in from gumming up the stylus.

Also if these older LP's were bought by you used, you have no idea what kind of TT and stylus they were played on.  So if there is actual wear and damage to the LP, no RCM is going to fix that.

The good news is that your RCM is going to keep your new LP's and those records whose history you are familiar, sounding better than ever. 

Yeah, but also what kind of fluid do you use? I am using this machine with excellent results with Audio Intelligent three step system and Disc Doctor brushes for each solution. After applying the fluid 1 - enzyme- and fluid 2 - Archivist Formula - I let it soak for 2-5 minutes before vacuuming. If the record is very dirty - I do double cleaning with step 1 and 2 and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. I rinse with Step 3 - pure water- twice.
I never tried the enclosed Okki Nokki concentrate or the brush.
Thank you for all the feedback. Inna, I will try different fluids, so far I only used the Okki Nokki with the supplied brush. Have you ever tried any home made solution? The typical formula is distilled water+iso propyl alcohol+surfactant (like Ilford Ilfotol).
No I have not. Audio Intelligent has a great reputation so I just got it and have been using it. Many like Walker too.
I use step 2, Archivist formula, that contains no alcohol, it can be substituted with another Audio Intelligent solution with alcohol. I understand that the result is the same, I prefer not to use alcohol, just in case.