Record Cleaner Fluid suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions for a simple and quick "1 step process" record cleaner to use with my Loricraft. I'm currently using the L'Art du Son cleaner but finding it too time consuming. I prefer an effective fluid that I can apply and vacuum quickly and without any required rinsing. I can always go back to the L'Art du Son when needed.
I use L'Art du Son and do a rinse cycle as a extra measure of assurance that all cleaning fluid is removed. But a freind of mine uses it as well and he never rinses and claims good results. Have you tried not rinsing?
Theo, it's not only the rinsing that I'm trying to avoid ... it was recommended that I leave the fluid on the LP for 4-5 minutes before a vacuum, and to repeat this process for best results. I had been leaving the fluid on the LP for a few minutes and then giving it a vacuum. But I prefer to get a fluid that I can apply to the LP and then just give it a vacuum. The L'Art du Son works great but I don't have the patience to use it properly. But I will use it on problem and dirty LP's.
I am the one the Theo refers to in his post. I have used the L'Art du Son, (thanks Theo...he has been very nice to share his stash of L'Art du Son with me), for over three years now. I never have to leave it on for more than a few seconds. I have tried alot of other fluids and find the L'Art du Son to be one of the best.

I've had my VPI record cleaner since 1980, so I'm pretty familiar with how to use it.

It works, for me, the same as any other 1 step fluid. I never rinse the record after using the L'Art du Son. Not sure why the OP thinks he has to leave it on for so long. I can see that for a very dirty record, but for regular cleaning, it's not necessary.

My records sound wonderful and IMHO, the L'Art du Son is an excellent fluid.
Terry at Loricraft recommends this 5 minute process, L'Art du Son suggest 2-4 minutes for dirty records, plus rinsing (as per instructions). I'm just looking for an alternative Cleaning fluid for a quick wash ... L'Art du Son is a great product, I agree.
Once the L'Art du Son runs out, I was planning to switch to the Audio Intelligence (#6) one step fluid. I have read many good things about it. You might try that.

I still really feel that the L'Art du Son can be used in the same matter, but whatever you fell comfortable with.
I am very impressed with Nitty Gritty Pure 2. It works very well and dries quickly due to a bit of alcohol. I have also tried Disc Doctor, Phoenix and L'Art and have not found any demonstrable superiority over NG2. I would say I leave it on for about one minute per side. There's no limit to how obsessive one can become in this hobby and I've decided to take a simpler approach for myself.
I've used L'Art du Son for years as a simple one step cleaner with my Loricraft and it's the best fluid I've used. You can leave it on 2-4 or 5 with a rinse or not. I almost always just apply and vacuum, nothing else, except if the record is visibly dirty or super valuable.
Thanks Mofimadness ... think I might give the Audio Intelligence (#6) a try. I will certainly keep the L'Art du Son cleaner on stand-by! Thanks for all the interesting replies, much appreciated.
Have you tried Mint's cleaner? the guy who makes that wonderful tonearm protractor.
On my Loricraft, I use a 2-step process. First, I apply AI #6 and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then after vacuuming it off, I apply L'Art du Son and immediately vacuum it off. If the record has been cleaned before, I will sometimes use just the L'Art du Son. The AI by itself leaves the record slightly brighter and leaner sounding. The L'Art du Son is a nice complement to the AI since it adds some warmth. Just my findings.
I've used Pure 2 since the '80s. I liked it best of all the fluids commonly available back then. I tried AI one step and sometimes results are okay, but Pure 2 is usually noticeably better. I haven't tried L'Art. I like the idea of just one step and I'm happy with results. I tried AI out of curiosity to see if the occasional bit of noise could be eliminated. Most records that I got new or in NM cond are dead silent most of the time. If L'Art is the best, Pure 2 might be a better alternate.