Record Clamp for Rega P5?

Anyone have any ideas for record clamps that will work with the Rega tables? I've got a P5 and the spindle is too short for a Michell clamp to hold.
The Rega's spindle is too short for most clamps to work. I only know of two clamps that can do the job: one is known as the "Pig" and the other one is from Ortofon. The Pig is shaped like a nipple and works great. The problem is finding one. I don't know if the company that makes them still exists. The Ortofon will work, but you have to file or sandpaper a few millimeters off the three plastic feet for the clamping hole to reach the spindle.

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I doubt that the Pig is still around. It seems to me that the Pig was a Revolver product. If so, it would probably be unavailable new, since Revolver is gone (at least out of the turntable business.) You might find one used--most likely with a Revolver turntable, which I think included the Pig as standard. If you think it's impossible to have too many turntables, this could be your excuse to buy another one. ("I needed the clamp!")

I've heard that KAB ( sells a clamp that someone was claiming works on the Rega.

One point worth thinking of, however, is that a clamp may not even be necessary. Rega doesn't appear to belong to the school of "clamp it as tight as possible" and so their turntables may sound their best clampless.
I've been using a souther clever clamp on my p25 with good results- inexpensive fix!
I believe that Michell makes (or made) a clamp for the short spindle.
It looks like the normal Michell clamp, except it is marked with an R on the top and is made specificly for the Rega. I've seen a couple Pictured and described as such on ebay.
I have more info on the Michell Rega clamp. The clamp is a NEW item. Apparently the problem with them, at this time, is that they may be dificult to find as the demand is greater than the supply, and they may be on back order.
The ones I've seen pictured have the black knob.
I use a Clearaudio clamp on my P3 and it clamps the short spindle just fine.

Despite Rega believing that clamps don't make it sound better, I much prefer my P3 with clamp in place.
Right now I'm demo'ing the Locus Design DampClamp...


Although it should be noted that I don't own a Rega, I can hear a huge difference when compared to not using a clamp at all.

I can't imagine *not* using a clamp on a table. Period.
I would be very cautious about using a very heavy weight as opposed to a clamp on a Rega turntable.

I use a clamp that holds the record down by clamping on to the spindle.

The Rega tables have very very low torque motors and I'm not sure how long they would stand up to having several extra pounds to spin around. At the very least, if you're going to use something heavy, you should start the platter spinning with your hand before you switch on the motor so that the motor doesn't die trying to start that hefty weight spinning.
Like revdeg I also use the Souther Clever Clamp and like the results with my P25.
Try a Bren1 record clamp. Works with a Rega, only 13oz.
I'm using the Michell "R" clamp on my P5 (got it from Music Direct) -- it's light in weight (delrin body and anodized aluminum knob) and doesn't figure to put any undue strain on the motor. I tend to use it only with warped records, and it seems to help some (makes me feel better, anyway).
I also use a Michell 'R' on my Rega P7, but only for warped records (only helps when warp is concave - a periphery ring is needed for the convex side).
A groovetracer sub platter will fix the spindle length problem (and the out of round/runout issues with the standard rega platter, and you get a better bearing to boot). I use one of the featherweights Clamps from TTWeights, it weighs about 180g, super light, so perfect for the rega where you really don't want anything heavy. I only use it on warped records and it absolutely helps. The design of the clamp on this one very well might work OK on the stock spindle, the clamping mechanism is right at the base of the clamp. BTW, both the sub platter and the clamp are amazingly well made. I have a p3-24.