Record Clam, yes or no

I have a Rega P5 and have replaced the glass platter with a Groovetracer acrylic platter and sub. I used a HRS record clamp and loved it with the glass platter, I chose it because of the rubber undercoating and the nice fit around the spindle, plus it is the best clam I have used. Since I replaced the glass platter, I find I like the sound better without any clamp, at all. I found the damping from the clamp too much, almost flat. So now I do not use any clamp and really enjoy the sound. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
It depends on the clamp and the table, every combination is different, same with outer ring. Sometimes better, sometimes not.
Yes, I gave up on clamps about 8-10 years ago and never looked back :-)
At this very moment, no!! A friend was over and suggested removing the clamp, thanks TC, the resulting improvements in air between instruments, expanded sound stage and "presence" have moved me into the no clamp group, until the next warped record!!!
I agree completely, Samhar, unless I find myself needing to keep a warped record down, I am through. For now anyway.
Rega says not to use clamps with their tables, one of the reasons being because of the extra weight. My dealer has done several tests with customers who all thought it sounded better without the clamp, and that has been my experience as well.
Echoing Stanwal's comment. I have been experimenting with several record weight in the past few months...on friends' tables (as my system is currently sitting in a storage awaiting for its permanent home to be built).

The tables are VPI Super Scoutmaster and Clearaudio Statement. Both are non-suspension tables. So not quite sure whether the result would be different on a suspended table.

We've been comparing the HRS with a DIY Ebony weight both in the lightweight camp and on the otherhand, an VPI weight and a first generation Harmonix record weight and , both weighing in at about 2 or 3 lbs each. The results we've observed are fairly consistent and noticeable in both systems. What we concluded is that they act more like tuning devices. I believe we did also listen without the weights to establish a baseline for comparison.

The HRS has a more balance presentation of the bunch. The Ebony made the sound more organic, so somehow made the presentation more "alive", less mechanical. But it somehow sucked the bass out of everything. (Maybe it's because the bass is not there that everything sounded cleaner and livelier) In between the two is the Harmonix. The soundstage is more focused, but narrower and deeper and further back then the HRS. Has all the characteristics of the Ebony wood but not as extreme. The VPI just sounded a bit more veiled and flat than any of the above. Except to say that nobody voted for VPI after the comparison, and that there is no clear winner here with the other three.

The VPI sounded pretty good as long as you don't compare it to the other three. As for the other three, each has its strengths and weaknesses. Some music sounds better with one than the others.

A friend suggested adding some brass to the Ebony to bring out the bass. I've blue-taked about 8 thick brass washers I got from a hardware store. If this works, my vote would go to this Ebony/Brass combo in the two systems we've trid this on. in your case, my guess would be that the Harmonix may perform better.

Yeah, we tried the outer rings from VPI and the 600g version from TTWeights. They both made the sound more focused, but the difference was not as drastic as the different center weights. But they did flatten a record that was otherwise unplayable.

I have been using a Bren center weight on my Basis 2001 as I didn't want to pay $400 for a Basis clamp, I had decided that I liked it better without the weight, then I found a used Basis clamp, I like the sound much better with it; but others might not. I have also done experiments with VPI[ I am a dealer] using an Aries Extended, Scoutmaster and Scout. I used the standard VPI clamp, A 2.2 pound TTW center weight, a 2.2 TTW center clamp, a lighter TTW clamp, the HRX weight, The VPI ring and a lighter copper ring from TTW. EVERY one of them changes the sound;I have not yet made up my mind and as I have now sold these tables and I am getting a Classic I will have to start over. The current versions of the other tables are different from the ones I tested so I will have to start over with them also. Isn't audio fun? In any case it is very hard to say which version of the sound is the "correct" one.
After almost three months and many adjustments, speakers,racks and stands and acoustic treatments the Basis locking clamp is back on and tightened down to snug, about half way to tight. With the clamp on there is more body to the sound. I don't use an "O" ring under the record if it isn't warped.