Record cassettes to digital?

Hi all!

I have a couple cassettes I would like to get onto a CD-R if possible. What do I need to do this? I have a separate phono preamp but I'm not sure I should be using that in the mix.

Thanks in advance!
You only need to hook up your cassette deck to a stereo amp or receiver. No phono preamp needed. You can buy a stand alone CD recorder and connect it to the receiver or amp or if yo have say a lap top computer you can typically add it to a stereo and record to it say using AUDACITY (free software) then you can edit o you computer and burn a CDR.
Thanks for the reply!

I should have been more specific. I'm wanting to download/record the cassettes to my Mac Mini and from there I can burn a CD-R.

Will I need any specific cabling?

I do use an Arcam rDAC with the Mac Mini. I plug that into my Odyssey Candela. Will I need to use the rDAC when I record to the Mac Mini?

The Audacity software is the way to go?
Below are links that should help you get started with Audacity:
Tutorial - Copying tapes, LPs or minidiscs to CD
How to connect your equipment
How to set up Audacity
Hiya Mingles!

Thanks for the links! It looks I have some reading to do.

Another Audacity endorsement here. I've converted a small mountain of LPs and cassettes to AIFF files and imported to iTunes on my Mac with very good results. From there, I can burn to CD (rarely do this anymore as I'm into streaming the iTunes library at home and using an iPod on the road) I've found that, for just converting my records & tapes to digital files, there's a little bit of an initial learning curve with Audacity......nothing insurmountable with the help of a Google search here and there. There seems to be a lot more Audacity is capable of though and there's quite a bit bigger learning curve involved with that stuff but, for my uses with the analog source material, it's been ideal.