Recondition my 1986 Thiel CS1.0 or buy new?

I have a pair of thiel cs 1.0's that I have had since 1986. They are driven by a Marantz pm7200 (which I find very satisfying especially in Class A mode) a Project III turntable and a Marantz 6004 cd player. I can get the speakers audibly reconditioned by Thiel with new grill cloths for about $400 including shipping. Visited my local hi end audio store, and the salesman, whom I trust, said that technology in speaker components has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. I listened to a pair of monitor audio rx6 (list for $1250) liked them a lot found them warmer then my Thiels but probably a good matchup with my electronics. The store will allow me to bring there demos home overnight. Any comments or suggestions?
I'd try to arrange to take the new spks. home on a Sat. Night and keep them till Monday (if the store is closed on Sunday). Would give you a better chance to see if they suit your tastes. As far as technology advancing, sure, but great pleasure can be achieved using older equipment. Since you had the spks. for 25yrs. I'm assuming you like them. So fix and save $800. Bill
Is something wrong with the Thiels?

Frankly I would not spend the money but try to sell them and move on if you want a change.

They are very nice looking speakers and I am sure would make someone very happy.
great to see someone else has the Marantz PM 7200. Great Amp. I've had mine 6 years.
Thiels have come a long way, mainly for the better. If you can compare yours to newer ones, you might find that its well worth selling your 1.0's and putting that plus the $400 towards a newer model. Your amps will appreciate the easier to drive load as well.
Take the store up on the in-home demo. That is the only way you will know for sure. I had to sign up for an in home demo at 1 local store and the salesman suggested picking it up on a Saturday. The store is closed Sun and Mon. Another option would be to bring your speakers to the store but the chances they have the same electronics and room configuration is pretty nil which again you should take them up on the offer.
Good Luck
Elevick, while perhaps not as sensitive as some of Thiels newer models, I think the the impedance load of the Thiel CS 1 is lot easier on amplifiers than the newer Thiels.
Raya, if they're not broken, I'd leave them alone. Though perhaps undervalued on the used market, they're probably not worth $400 on the used market, so the repairs/ shipping appears to be a poor value. They're still good speakers, and I'd caution one against assuming some newer speakers sounding different as actually being better. As much as you might trust your dealer, at this price point, and considering the value of the dollar today as compared to your 20+ year old then costing $1000 Thiels, I don't think the technology has improved that much. I'd imagine you'd be getting a lot less for your 2011 $400 with a new speaker.
I am going to take the store up on the in-home demo. If the sound is only slightly better, I'll stay where I'm at, If it blows me away, then I have a decision to make.
I have been trying a variety of in-home demo's compliments of my local audio stores. Last night I brought home the new Monitor Audio RX6. I am glad I did, was getting ready to keep the Thiels and go with a Sub. Simply put, they weren't just a little better then the Thiels. They were a lot better. Highs were more refined and laid back, with more resolution and micro detail. They had none of the grittyness and fatigue I get from the Thiels. Midrange on the RX6 was more open and detailed, which was a surprise. I heard fretboards and fingers across strings and hands on bongo's I had never heard before on recordings I had listened to 100's of times on my Thiels. Bass was definitely more extended, tighter and more controled. I estimate the RX6 go down to 40HZ (literature says 38hz, probably at -5db) Thiels rolloff was 50hz according to old literature. Bass was substantial enough to omit the need for any subwoofer. They were also more effecient, easy to drive, and very forgiving when pushed.

FYI I have also listened to the following Totems (ARRO, Dreamcatcher, & Rainmaker, great detail and imaging, very lacking in what I call the slam factor, need a sub) B&W 684 (I don't get it, very neutral but boring, gave me no excitement, almost thin) Paradigm monitor 7( I have other paradigms for our surround sound in our family room, great for movies but present there own set of problems with music, especially the upper midrange)
Raya a friend of mine owns the Thiel CS1 and they are nice but I think a bit too laid back in the high end, they seem to lack presence.

I did not want to mention this before...
Thanks. It did end up costing more than 3 X the $400 repair to upgrade. I can certainly understand the extended bass being an improvement. The CS 1's are bit light down there and it draws more attention to the tipped up nature of those speakers. I hope you get much enjoyment from your new speakers!
i own thiels cs1s,refurbished by myself...components readily available(solen electronics,montreal canada).and can say they sound having eric clapton in your living room with his full audience.not laid back at all.actually be careful on your set-up,i use alta vista modified counterpoint pre and amp.also use van den hul the first between cd (electrocompaniet,modified)and pre to tame a bit.also use a sub with thiels since they re is no lows on the cs 1 s.result....amazing
Jerryboy66 what did you replace? Drivers only? Drivers, crossovers, wiring? Approximately what did it cost and what were the differences you noticed after you finished?
Jerryboy66, Thiel might have used drivers that appeared to off the shelf items, but they were in fact modified to his specifications.