Recommnedation for the BEST SOUNDING integrated amp up to $3500

Possible downsizing on the way. Therefore, would like to get recommendation for the "best sounding" integrated amp up to $3500 and with at least 100RMS. I generally would be buying used to stretch my buying limit. 

Don't need or want a built in DAC, tone controls, or streaming devices or USB inputs and output. Though, it might be impossible to forego these features in integrated amps made in the last 5 to 7 years  One major consideration would be an integrated that can compete with many separates combos.    

I realize I maybe grasping at straws in my price category 

Thank you,


Impossible to recommend anything without knowing what Speakers you'll be using? What type of music? What Sound Signature do you prefer? What Source/Sources will you be using? Inbuilt Phono required?
Krell Vanguard, its silly good.  Would love to have it go head to head with the 507ux.  I have heard you have to spend way more than the 507ux to better it.  Its ridiculous.  I was also a huge fan of the Krell s300i, but this is in another category.