Recommnedation for the BEST SOUNDING integrated amp up to $3500

Possible downsizing on the way. Therefore, would like to get recommendation for the "best sounding" integrated amp up to $3500 and with at least 100RMS. I generally would be buying used to stretch my buying limit. 

Don't need or want a built in DAC, tone controls, or streaming devices or USB inputs and output. Though, it might be impossible to forego these features in integrated amps made in the last 5 to 7 years  One major consideration would be an integrated that can compete with many separates combos.    

I realize I maybe grasping at straws in my price category 

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Luxman 507 is on the A'gon right now.
I have a Krell Digital Vanguard  200w and I am very impressed with stunning clarity and dynamics. Class A preamp section. This is an unbelievable amp and I got mine used for about 3k. I had Parasound for years and the Krell blows them out of the water. I got mine from high performance in FLA. Good Luck!
You should also check out the Peachtree Nova 150, 300, or 500 to see if they sound as good as the more expensive recommendations. You maybe surprised with the Nova 150. It is a swiss army knife and sounds rather good.

 Easy. Luxman 507uxi.

Check with Paul Manos at the Audio Shoppe in Boston and see if he still has any of the Audia Flight FL Three S integrated amps he had on sale.  I've had one for a couple of months.  Great sounding piece.
The rogue Cronus magnum three is just damn asweome, it's 3k new and much better sounding than the mk2. 
Impossible to recommend anything without knowing what Speakers you'll be using? What type of music? What Sound Signature do you prefer? What Source/Sources will you be using? Inbuilt Phono required?
Also would you want a quality amp which can cope with all future upgrades?
YBA PASSION INTEGRE...Put this baby on your list. 
Another vote for Rogue.
Krell Vanguard, its silly good.  Would love to have it go head to head with the 507ux.  I have heard you have to spend way more than the 507ux to better it.  Its ridiculous.  I was also a huge fan of the Krell s300i, but this is in another category.
If you like tubes, the Rogue Cronus magnum 2 or 3 is very good, I owned 1. If you like solid state, the Hegel H300/H360 is hard to beat. I went from the Rogue to the Hegel to better control the bass.
I love my primaluna dialogue premium
Yamaha 2ch are a good bang for the buck I like the retro look.
Easy decision. Kinki Studio EX-M1:

If you need more features, check out the 'news' section and
there's a "+" version with HT bypass and RCA outs for a sub.

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Tough to find, but Musical Fidelity Tri Vista 300 gave me 15 years of serious smiles. I just had it re--tubed and capped and I'm expecting it to out-live me. To my ears, a just right balance of punch and finesse. The Musical Fidelity line of newer products must have some of that DNA, but I haven't felt like shopping in a long time, so I won't speculate.
Yamaha AS3000

Good Listening 


Heres another option - and yes I’m the one selling them 🤣

Good Listening 


Marantz pm14s1, 90 watts 8 ohm, 140 watts 4 ohm. Price $2999 new if u can find one.....or marantz pm 15s1 used. Great amps with a warm non fatiguing sound. Honestly, the pm8006 will shock you at only $1199! Its great!. All of these lack any kind of dac, usb, or any kind of digital inputs....all analog.
Alternatively, grab a rogue audio spinx v2, also all analog at 100 watts 8 0hm class d with tubed preamp, 200 watts 4 ohm. A bargain at only $1495 new.
@sunnyjim...Are you looking for tube or SS?
                     How many inputs?

The Digital Amplifier Company (DAC) Stereo Maraschino (STM) is a great performer! The wattage output can be increased or decreased with the voltage of the power supply purchased. Only one balanced input and DAC will include XLR-RCA adapters, and one 1/8" input. If you need more inputs Decware makes a very good multiple input to single output switching box. With the purchase of both you will come in way less than your proposed budget.

Another vote for a Peachtree.  

I have a Nova500 hooked up to Dynaudio Contour 60 and really like it. I get 90% of “best sounding” at a great value if you consider it comes with gobs of power, a very nice DAC, headphone amplifier and MC phono stage.  Sure you can get better but for the money I have no regrets.  

All sand amps sound the same if power/level matched so just get any 100w Creek/Arcam amp.

Otherwise it's got to be tubes. I've always thought that the Leben integrateds look great, but like many tube integrateds, may be underpowered for your needs.

Ayre AX-7e, assuming you can live with a very simple 60w/channel integrated. 

Thank you  to all who have responded so far. I will carefully look over each recommendation. 

To initforthemusic.  The speakers are Golden Ear Technology  model 7 but they may be replaced in the near future. I listen mainly to classic rock and some rock jazz fusion. Also listening more classical symphonic. I prefer an amp that is neutral without sounding bright, or edgy the sound, also not in to over warm amps with boomy or bloated bass response  I hope that answers your questions.

To jackd, The Audio Flight 3 S sounds like an interesting choice. Need to check out some reviews. I want to make sure it can drive the Magneplanar  .7 speakers      

Nice to see the Rogue Cronus Magnum II/III gettting some love here. I just purchased one after 2-3 years with SS (Belles Aria), and am loving tubes! May keep the Belles for the summer months as the tubes do throw a bit of heat into my 11'x13' room.

I find the Rogue CM III has better (incredible actually) soundstaging, detail, and low end vs. the Belles. The Belles can sound a tad on the bright side but "hits" harder. Put on Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and the bass drum will go through your chest.

@audionoobie Thanks for that comparison. I have a Belles Aria integrated that I think sounds absolutely wonderful but have pining for a CMIII. I have heard the CMII and, tube rolling aside, it's plus/minus vs the Aria. Never thought the Aria was a bright amp by any stretch but it's all relative. Eager to hear the CMIII next week at a local dealer and see if it's worth the upgrade ...

If you don't need a DAC and only need a pure analog integrated amp I would recommend the Rega Elicit-R analog integrated amp retails for $3k new and it's within your budget. Very musically engaging and involving amp. 

I second on the NAD M32. 
All you’ll ever need and affordable. 
The NAD M32 is a direct digital amp and it will digitize its analog inputs. The OP clearly stated in the very beginning of his post that he would not need a DAC or any digital circuitry in the integrated amp. The NAD M32 will defeat the purpose.
Don't get me wrong, the NAD M32 received great reviews and I'm sure it is a stellar unit for someone who would require a DAC and therefore would only use its digital inputs. 

BAT VK3000SE . used one's within your price range - outstanding sound

Agree with boiseaudio above in re. Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista. I have upgraded silver power cord, Acrolink umbilical cords, and fuse(s) to great effect. Warm midrange, deep bass, and sparkling top end. Not "next-level" like Vitus, Soulution, D'Agostino, etc., but very nice for the $2.5-3K range.
Another recommendation for the Kinki Studio EX-M1.  I cycle gear thru my system a lot and this has stayed.  
Rogue Audio should be on short list.