Recommended vintage amps.

Thanks to the many good postings here that got me into buying a few good vintage analog tuners and mini monitors on the recommended list.

Now I am considering any good vintage integrated amps to match my old Kenwood and NAD tuners. Currently I'm using a NAD 3020 and Sansui AU-217, which both are so worn out and looks like ready to retire. Or should I just get the newer (budget) integrated amps but are they sonically matching with vintage tuner and speakers? My speakers are Acoustic Energy Aegis 1, B&W DM302 and Paradigm Mini Monitors.

Thank You for looking.
You can usually get very good deals on Mac MA-5100 if 45wpc
is enough. There's also the Mac MA-6100 which has 70-80wpc
and is in higher demand. There's one of each currently for
sale here on the 'Gon for $500/$1000. I've seen better
prices for each. Both are awesome units. I'm using a vintage
Mac MAC-4100 receiver ('79) in my bedroom.
There are so many to choose from. Your tastes/ears should determine. Scott, Fisher , Marantz, KLH, Kenwood , Mac, etc etc. Tubes or Solid state. Prices are a steal on some great vintage solid state amps/rcvs. I've been collecting these for some time now. You'd be surprised how well they stack up to today's high end amps. email me for more info on what you like/need.
If you could find yourself some 80's Sony int. amps which say "Legato" and "ACT" in excellent sonic/cosmetic condition, go for it. I picked up an Sony AX-6 (which has "Legato/ACT") and its an extremely fine sounding amp. (Paid $110 inc. s/h., because it's was in MINT/As new condition w/OBM. I was apprehensive at first about paying so much, but once I heard its musical capabilites, no regrets whatsoever.) For another system, have the AX-44 (which says Legato, but not "ACT") and its a really fine amp as well. Both int. amps have screw down spk. wire terminals which will accept bare wire. My 70's Kenwood Ka-7100 is the same way. I also owned a Mac Ma-5100 in the past. Very nice and smooth sounding amp, but you'll end up paying around $300 used. For that kind of $ I'd personally would buy something else. (A used Kora Explorer Si-90 is superb sounding and in my experiences w/moderate priced int. amps. under $1800, is a wonderful choice.) You might consider an new Nad C-350/370 int. amp as well.( NorthCountry Audio, might have a new C-350. www, was advertising new C-370's for under $400, I believe,) However, sonically, I don't believe they will be as musical as a Kora. Lolo is right about vintage receivers. For the $, the right ones have superb tuners and sound really nice. (Bought two Kenwood KR-2120 on E-bay for $10 apiece! One was in perfect sonic/cosmetic condition. Other one was in Exc. condition.) They'll be in use for many years to come as will the Sony's I'm sure. Good luck in your search.
Look for Tandberg integrateds or receivers from the late 70s, early 80s - they sound fantastic!

Since you like sansui: check under the classifieds for sunday. A guy is selling a 717 system for $300, integrated, tuner and cassette.
Hi, many thanks to all who responded and it's really a great pleasure reading all the info to help me get better selection. Truly wonderful Audiogon users you folks are.

Since I need 2 to 3 integrated amps (one for each room), most likely will look at the budget $200 price range. Or as recommended, pick up a vintage receiver with great FM reception, I listen to FM music most of the time.
I go with the Tanberg, Luxman or Mac receivers of that period.