Recommended used 5.1 amp under $1,000

I have assembled a 5.1 system for HT utilizing some existing speakers, and had bought a Sunfire Cinema Grand that turned out not to be fully functional, so I'm in the market for a 5.1 amp. I need recommendations. I'd like a reliable amp that provides great midrange and at least very good upper end without harshness - bottom end is not a major priority as I have a powerful sub. Other system components include:

Samsung 59" PN59D8000 plasma
Integra DHC40.2 processor
Oppo BD93 Blu ray
Front monitors - Walkerallen Taos (2 way manufacturer's prototype that never went to market with Seas drivers)
Center - Aeriel Acoustics CC-3
Rear - PSB Image B25 monitors
Sub - Mosscade Saturn 12 self powered
Panamax BN 3500 power conditioner
Cabling primarily Blue Jeans

Another option is a 3 channel amp and I have a PS Audio HCA 2 that I could repair.

I'd like to buy the amp this weekend so I can have a functional set up, so your response is greatly appreciated.
Primare NAD and Parasound have some really well reviewed 5.1 channel amplifiers. I would start there.
I would consider an new Emotiva XPA 5 - 200x5. About $800, I have one as does a friend. I have had no issues and have owned it for 3 years. I have not had the opportunity to compare it with other amps. All I know is that it has worked really well for me and it is a great value.
Thanks, guys. I pulled the trigger on the Emotiva XPA 5. I'll put up a review after its broken in.