Recommended Tonearm for Denon DP6000 Turntable in Denon DK200 Plinth

I have a Denon DP6000 turntable in a Denon DK200 plinth and need a tonearm that will fit. The plinth has a circular disc for mounting the tonearm so the spindle to tonearm pivot point distance has limited options for the tonearm choices. I recognize this forum has extensive audio knowledge and probably has experience with this turntable and plinth. I would like to stay under $800 for the best tonearm option for this syatem.

The other components to my system are a Denon PMA 830 integrated amp, Marantz 2285 receiver, Scott LK 48 integrated tube amp, and Bozak B-410 Concert Grand speakers. Thanks for the assistance to my question.


You'll need to measure the pivot to spindle distance in millimeters.  Center of the cut-out circle to the center of the spindle. Then look for arms that meet that length.

Denon DA-307 arm will fit and will work well with low-compliance mc cartridges. The  Denon DA-401 will work well with high compliance mm cartridges.

Based on the recommendations to my inquiry, I think I would like a Denon DA 309 tonearm. Does anyone have this tonearm and be willing to sell it?