Recommended subwoofer list The Perfect Vision

Late last year, I posted the list of the "top 12" subwoofers as rated by "Widescreen Review" magazine. "The Perfect Vision" magazine (TAS's sister publication) has just published its list of the "top 24" subwoofers for home theater use (as distinguished from pure audio application). FWIW, here is TPV's list of recommended HT subs:

A. $800 or less:
1. Paradigm PDR-12 ($419)
2. Definitive Technology ProSub 100TL ($449)
3. Anthony Gallo Acoustics MSP-150 (Best Buy rated) ($750)
4. Polk Audio PSW-650 ($769)
5. NHT Sub Onei ($800)

B. $801 - $1500:
6. Velodyne SPL-800 ($899)
7. RBH Sound Signature 12-SE ($999-1199, dep on finish)
8. Definitive Technology SuperCube1 (Best Buy rated) ($1199)
9. Hsu Research TN1220HO ($1200, with Hsu 500 watt amp)
10. Vandersteen 2Wq ($1295)
11. Mirage BPS-400 (Best Buy rated) ($1300)
12. Snell Acoustics PS.10Mk2 ($1350)
13. B&W ASW 2500 ($1100)
14. Sunfire True Subwoofer MkII ($1495)

C. $1501 - $2200:
15. M&K MX-350 MkII THX ($1899)
16. Velodyne HGS-12 ($2199)

D. $2201 - $3000:
17. Meridian D1500 ($2295)
18. REL Stadium III (Best Buy rated) ($2295)
19. Infinity Prelude MTS Sub ($2600)

E. $3000 and up:
20. B&W ASW4000 ($3000)
21. Meridian D2500 ($3495)
22. Aerial Acoustics SW12 (Best Buy rated) ($4500-5200)
23. Audio Physic Minos ($5495)
24. Wilson Audio WATCH Dog ($10,000)
How many of these companies advertise in their publication?
Scott, thanks for sharing this info with those of us that don't get to read or see "the perfect vision". There is one thing that should be pointed out here though and it is something that one can easily overlook: How many other subs have they tested or listened to within a reasonable period of time ???

While it is easy to compile a list such as they do, it might be more useful for them to say "out of 100+ subs of varying price points, these are what we consider to be the best of the bunch", etc... While you and other readers may know what models have been covered in recent times, for all that we know they have only looked at 25 or 30 subs total !!! The best 24 out of 30, 40 or even 50 doesn't carry near as much weight as the best 24 out of 100+ if you know what i mean. Knowing what the competition was and how much they had to narrow the field down makes a BIG difference in my opinion.

Please correct me if i opened my mouth and inserted foot. I have not read nor seen the article and such information may have been provided. Sean
What are you talking about Sean? My sub is on the listÂ… so everything is copacetic. ;^)
Hi, Sean:

You are quite correct in your comments. The TPV article did not state how many subs they reviewed in determining their "top 24", unlike the list I posted last year which reflected the top subs rated by Widescreen Review from nearly 300 they had tested.

The list above is -- obviously -- an imperfect guide, but it does offer a starting point for potential buyers. As always with speakers: do an extended audition -- preferably in your home system -- and trust your ears!
Do they describe what they like for bass and what they are looking for in a sub? If their taste in bass or goals for a sub is different than yours, then the list is would ironically become subs to avoid.

There is such a large range of brands accross all the various price points, I hope their goal is not to attract advertisement revenue by highlighting as many brands as possible. (The reason for my first question.)

I don't mean to be too negative towards this list. There are some nice subs listed. I just understand the motivation behind marketing and tend to see ads for what they are. There is something in business they call "disguised marketing".

Interesting that the REL Stadium hit it's price point but the ever popular on Audiogon Strata did not.Another perenial fave the Paradigm 1500 isn't mentioned but not sure if it's still made.But yeah SD thanks.I get the Mag but since I am Mr. 2 channel I rarely read it.
There are the pros and cons about using subs. I tend to lean in the non-sub sound. I like an intergrated sound which means i'll let the woofer handle the lower hz's. So in a 3 way speaker setup i'll need a good 10 inch woofer that goes to 20hz's. For a great price, i'll go with the Peerless 10 or 12. But even better would be the new Seas W26. Amazing, these are possibly the only two i would consider. And they were'nt even in the the "24" list.????
I forgot to add that the Focal 11, 13 15 WX series would be my top pick in subs. And they did not make the list either!??? What is this "most popular" or best bang???
The lack of other REL's on any list is one of the reasons I am suspect of this list. REL has a separate line of HT subs. You would think they would audition one of those for an HT publication. The Stadium is from their audiophile line.

Same comment for the Vandersteen. The Vandersteen 2Wq will not run off an HT decoder or receiver. It does not have RCA line level inputs. It is purely an audio sub. They make the V2W which has the RCA line level plugs, for use with HT systems and decoders. So there is no way they did an HT demo with the Vandersteen. They have the wrong sub.

My bad, i see my comments are way out of place on this thread. I think this thread belongs in the HT thread site on Audiogon. My apologies SDcampbell