Recommended SS amplifiers for Aesthetix Calypso?

My new Aesthetix Calypso is not playing nice with an existing Anthem A5 amplifier... my ProAc Studios are sounding thin and a bit bright. Things improve significantly when I swap in a BAT integrated running in preamp mode. I think I have synergy/impedance issue as I had a challenge getting a Cary preamp to sound right with this amp previously.

Curious what other amplifiers Calypso users/owners have had success with? I am going to need to buy a 5 channel or a 2 and 3 channel amplifier as this is a mixed HT/2-channel audio system. I like a more laid back sound and have found the ProAcs very unforgiving on "bright" equipment. Thanks for any suggestions...
I use a Calypso biamping with 2 Moscode 401 HRs to very good effect. Speakers Mark-Daniel Maximus Monitors.
I drive my system with Nuforce 9 V2 + Calypso. Speakers are Verity Parsifal Ovations. I am happy with the result. Never thin or bright. I also have driven the system with AR VS110 which I still own.
I have tried an Ayre V5xe, McCormack DNA225 platinum mods, and now a Simaudio W-7 with my Calypso.

I like the Simaudio the best by quite a margin.

The modded McCormack is pretty good but doesn't have the combination of warmth, detail and authority of the Sim.
It sounded now in comparison a bit less at ease/musical. The low impedence of the DNA (10K ohm) might not have been a good match for the 600 ohm balanced output of the Calypso?

Or the Sim is a better amp.

the Ayre has a good impedence match (100,000 ohm) but I thought it didn't have it the at the low end. I'm running some more challenging speakers, the Totem Mani 2 signatures.
I ran Rowland 201's and Bryston 7B-ST's with mine and the match was quite nice.
For my mixed system, I run the Calypso with a Theta Dreadnaught I. To me, and without a practical way to compare to other systems, it sounds great. I get sharp clean highs, great mids and mostly great (and deep) bass(mostly, because my room has issues). Warm? Slightly, especially after it plays for a little while. Clear? Amazingly so. I have no complaints about this combination and feel I'm done looking for replacements.
Hope this helps.
I had used Ayre V5x with Calypso to drive Focus Audio FS-888 (90db/1w/meter 4ohms). They produced excellent sound; had a touch of that magic tube sound.

Now, I am using a pair of Marantz 9. AMAZING!
I borrowed my friend's Calypso and it was an excellent match with my Krell FPB300c/Von Schweikert VR4jrs speakers.

He uses his Calypso with a Bryston 4BSST driving PMC IB2s and the sound is also very well balanced.

Hope this helps.