Recommended speakers for Shindo Cortese

I just ordered Shido Cortese.
Currently using Coral Beta 8 in manufacturer's recommended bass reflex cabinet.

Like to here from others what speakers they use with Cortese.

My preamp is Monbrison
OK. If your speakers are 98DB, don't do anything until you hear the Cortese/Monbrison combo w/ your Coral's. In the meantime, you could figure out an alternative if you don't happen to like it. I wouldn't go crazy over it until you hear it w/ your speakers though. Of course, easier said than done because we are all kind of crazy already.
Shindo dealers often sell DeVore and Verity as a good match with Shindo. That's what I would get (and want to).
I had the Devore Super 8s, lovely speakers really, but I found them a tad inefficient for my 15wpc Montille. Particularly in the bass. I've since bought a pair of Coral Beta 8s, these were discontinued in the 80s I believe, but have built up a cult following. They are 101dB and the previous owner had custom transmission line cabinets built for them. At first I thought they were really bright, but after a few dozen hours they've settled down. I now love them, they are incredibly dynamic and they really get match well with Shindo gear. They get the tonality and emotion of the music really well. No regular multi-driver speakers sound so bland when I listen to them. You're gonna love them!

rafal OP1 posts 09-14-2009 12:29pm My current Corals are 98db I think





This is the only problem with the CB8’s, too high sensitivity. Too forward a Midrange band, and so bass is cut short. Highs no doubt were fantastic, The DavidLouis VX8 has corrected this imbalance with a near perfect 95db sensitivity, 94db would have been perfect. The DLVX6 is 93db. Pairing with the DLVX8, 92 would have been the better. Hey only off 1 db sens on both,, nothing is perfect in this world.