Recommended speakers for Shindo Cortese

I just ordered Shido Cortese.
Currently using Coral Beta 8 in manufacturer's recommended bass reflex cabinet.

Like to here from others what speakers they use with Cortese.

My preamp is Monbrison
This is simply my guess. I am sure Don Better, Matt Rotunda or Jonathan Halpern know much better. I would think you would want a speaker at least 90 or 91 db, w/ a fairly stable 6 or 8 ohm impedance. What is the efficiency on your Coral Beta's.
there was a pair of Auditorium 23 Solovox speakers listed recently ... should pair beautifully with the Cortese. expensive though even used as they are rare
Think vintage - like old Altecs.
My current Corals are 98db I think
OK. If your speakers are 98DB, don't do anything until you hear the Cortese/Monbrison combo w/ your Coral's. In the meantime, you could figure out an alternative if you don't happen to like it. I wouldn't go crazy over it until you hear it w/ your speakers though. Of course, easier said than done because we are all kind of crazy already.
Shindo dealers often sell DeVore and Verity as a good match with Shindo. That's what I would get (and want to).
I had the Devore Super 8s, lovely speakers really, but I found them a tad inefficient for my 15wpc Montille. Particularly in the bass. I've since bought a pair of Coral Beta 8s, these were discontinued in the 80s I believe, but have built up a cult following. They are 101dB and the previous owner had custom transmission line cabinets built for them. At first I thought they were really bright, but after a few dozen hours they've settled down. I now love them, they are incredibly dynamic and they really get match well with Shindo gear. They get the tonality and emotion of the music really well. No regular multi-driver speakers sound so bland when I listen to them. You're gonna love them!