Recommended speakers for Bryston B135

I recently purchased B135 integrated amp from Bryston & it is very high quality..My speakers,PSB Synchrony II seem to have trouble with the lower octive & bass weight..I may need to consider alternative speakers.I have a modest size room,budget of $3500 after I sell the Synchrony II's.
I was looking at Epos Elan 35/B&W 804 & Vandersteen
After months of research and listening to many speakers, I recently purchased a new pair of Vandersteens 2ce.

Love the soundstage and at their price point, hard to beat.
I fell in love with the Vandys at the dealers where I listened to them through the Bryston.

The dealer let me bring the Vandy's home to audition through my current set up (Carver seperates) and I fell in love with them.

I plan to upgrade my Amp in a few months and the Bryston is on the short list.
I would add Vandy sub.
Are the PSBs full range, I don't know them. If they aren't get a floor stander that delivers to about 32 cylcles or get a sub if you are a bass freak.
Synchrony II are full range tower speakers
I'm not a "bass freak" but would say being a musician the foundation should have presence & makes a huge difference in enjoyment
Even for full range speakers for a bass extension or enhancement it's healthy and even economical to add sub or two for each.
Vandy subs are great and the fastest to integrate to any speaker. The only downside is you will have to have some more floor space to place them. Much easier to work with single mono sub vs. pair.