Recommended Speaker List for Atma-Sphere OTL Amplifiers.

OK, I am not sure how many times this has been disscused but the information is found all over the forum. I would possible love to compile a list here.

I personally own the Classic Audio Loudspeakers T1.5

I am now looking to build a second room with the M60 Mono Blocks and MP-3 Pre-amp.

Would love fellow audiogon memebers posting any feedback with speakers they have used with these Amazing OTL sounding Amplifiers.

Thank you very much, Clio09. I don’t mind my Jazz Modules being replaced by Quad 57s + swarm! Very nice combination.

Dragon, thank you for having considered my speakers.

Cosmetically they certainly are not exotic, nor do they use any particularly exotic technology in the drivers, aside from optional Beryllium diaphragms for the compression drivers. I now have access to a master woodworker who has built T-7s for John Wolff, so I can offer excellent cabinetry on a custom basis, but he is not cheap.

Speaking of which, have you considered the T-7? Field coil motor, wizzerless fullrange cone, beautiful tonal qualities, and magnificent cabinetry.

I don’t know whether this would be "exotic", perhaps merely "unorthodox", but some of my models deliberately approximate the acoustic effects of being in a significantly larger room, which imo has psychoacoustic benefits.

If you are serious about hearing what I do, I would like to put you in touch with a colleague of mine who a) has more of my designs on hand than I do; b) has a much better audition set-up than I do; and c) has contributed ideas which have significantly improved my designs.  I spoke with him just a few minutes ago and he'd enjoy it very much.   


I have the M60s and MP3 and use Vandersteen Quatros. Sounds incredible with no zeros needed.
I use a pair of John Wolf's T3.3 Classic Audio Loudspeakers  with the field coil option with my Novacron's. 
The Atma-Spheres are amazingly transparent with a huge sound stage. I would go with speakers capable of producing a huge sound stage and ones that are transparent. 

I have used the M60's and the MP-3 with the older model Wilson Benesch Curves. Great sound. There is a pair of Audiogon right now.

At the risk of stating the obvious, they should have a high, relatively flat impedence curve for the most part, although as others noted, they are reported to mate well with Quads.  Also Soundlabs and Magnapans, IIRC.  I have used them successfully with Merlins, Hornings, and now with a DIY pair of open baffles with field coil mid/tweet and conventional mid/low bass units.  From personal experience, if you have the room, they are fantastic with the Classic Audio speakers, being able to reproduce live SPL rock music in a very large room with the M60s..  If you want to get an opinion about how they mate with a particular speaker, you should ping Ralph (Atmasphere screen name), if he doesn't show up here on his own.  You will get an honest opinion with, IMO, no marketing hype.