Recommended Speaker Cables for PSB Imagine T2

I am setting a up a new pair of PSB Imagine T2 speakers.  I am using my very old Classe 4 preamp and Classe 25 amp.  I was wondering what speaker cables might work best with this setup.  Any advice opinions or experiences with most appropriate speaker cables for the T2 is appreciated.
I used Discovery Essence and Essential cables with Classe Twenty Five and Classe Six with great results...Snell and Aerial speakers
Since it will be hard to find others with the exact same setup, for starters just hook them up with some good quality OFC wire of appropriate gauge. Then get a feel for the character of your system. If you feel it is bright, or dark, or lacks air, or has narrow soundstage, then you better know what kind of speaker wires you're looking for. Then ask what kind of wire can cut the brightness, or expand the soundstage, (for example) or go audition cables at the salon, and it will be easier to decide what will work best. Buying and trying is a time consuming and expensive method of picking the right wires.