recommended speaker cables and interconnects

trying to upgrade step by step my stereo system, after not dealing with it for awhile.
right now have 3 kinds of speaker cables.
old audio quest , and an old monster cables.
a bit newer Kimber cable that are too short for my current configuration.
for interconnects, one pair of MIT mi-330
and one pair of Audioquest Ruby 2.
looking to upgrade for moderate price.
can’t give a budget range cause i am not familiar with the prices .


I find the Giant Killer comment so funny.

Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables..a giant killer 


You didnt mention Digital cables but I just compared a $440 Kimber D60 to a $45 Mogami 2964 and the Mogami is amazing for ten percent of the Kimber price. Available on Amazon so 30 day return.

Cables are very subjective and that is OK. 

Some people are also subjective in their opinions and that, too, is OK.

Other people are objective.

Boy, cables can be a quagmire. There are good cables for your system at all price ranges. The difficulty is finding the right match. 

I'm off the speaker cable search with Fideliums now for 2 years. Not inexpensive, but not stratospheric in price.

IC's - have eliminated Gabriels, Cerious, Teo, High Fidelity, Jena Labs, JPS Labs, and some Stealth models. Without breaking the bank, the Silnote Morpheus III cables are extremely well balanced for $400/pair. I'm trying to score a pair of Silent Source to give them a try. Used is your best bet.

Older products worth searching for are Jade Audio and Sablon.

Morrow Audio makes pretty decent cables. Stay at the MA3 level or higher.