recommended speaker cables and interconnects

trying to upgrade step by step my stereo system, after not dealing with it for awhile.
right now have 3 kinds of speaker cables.
old audio quest , and an old monster cables.
a bit newer Kimber cable that are too short for my current configuration.
for interconnects, one pair of MIT mi-330
and one pair of Audioquest Ruby 2.
looking to upgrade for moderate price.
can’t give a budget range cause i am not familiar with the prices .


I've enjoyed the Mogami 3082 speaker cables sold through Worlds Best Cables on Amazon. High quality oxygen free 14 gauge pro audio cable with Eminence Gold connectors. I don't have comparative experience with higher end cables, but the bass extension and overall coherence are a clear step above the mid-priced cables I had been using. 

I have some Analysis Plus cables and I am a big fan.  One thing about them is they took almost forever to break in and they sounded horrible for the entire break in time. 200 hours easily. Then one day BOOM.  They arrived.

unfortunately there is no huge selection from this in my country, and it's not so easy to ask to audition several of them.
i'm planning to visit nyc , so i'll try my luck there.
that's the reason i asked for some recommendations, but i got more than i taught from it 🙂
so i really appreciate all of your suggestions.

Talk to Jason Ressler at The Cable Company Larry Edwards sent you.  Synergistic Research.

The very worst and best interconnect I have ever heard on my system were Nordost. I tried a ~Frey 2…. Did not get along at all with my system… but the Odin 2 interconnects were absolutely heaven. Unfortunately, they cost a bit more than I could justify ($17K).

You have to match the interconnect’s likely character… then try it. It usually works… sometimes it doesn’t.


I have tried Blue Jeans… I do not recommend them. I found them comparable with what comes with your component.