Recommended SACD of " Smooth Jazz "

What are some good titles?
I am pretty sure Spyro Gyra "In Modern Time" is available, other then that I don't know.
Try a site called They have SACD like you have never seen. I bought the Spyro Gyra disk. They also have Flim and the BB"s Tricycle in SACD. If you have never heard of them ask around.
You can also try the Grover Washington anthology also
I've enjoyed Just Jobim by Manfredo Fest dmp SACD-05.
There are the ones I like most.

Antiphone Blues, FIM SACD 050. This is not really smooth Jazz but if you like sax, you will love it.

Jazz at the Pawnshop, FIM SACD M 034. A classic. Jazz lovers much have.

So Real, dmp SACD-15. This is definitly smooth jazz. It is so real.

Autumn Leaves, Groove Note GRV 1006-3. Wonderful female jazz singer.