Recommended Ribbon Speaker Cables

Here's the story. I have to run about 20 ft pair Bi-wire speaker cable and it needs to go under carpet (if at all possible). Looking for help from Audiogoners on what the best way to go in about the $350 or less range.
Are QED Silver Anniversery Bi-wires good for this setup?
Speakers: Merlin VSM-M w/Battery Bam & Tube harness
Amp: McIntosh MC-352 (SS - 350 watts/ch)
PreAmp: McIntosh C-2200 (tube)
Thanks in advance, jim
It might not be an issue, but some of those "ribbon" or flat cables can have really high capacitance (like Goetz). And 20 ft. of it might send the amp into oscillation (=dead). Be careful.
the qed silver anniversery is an excellent cable. ask
them directly if your application is ok. use manufacturer
lookup-this web site-. i'm guessing it's