Recommended Repair Facility

Hello -
I was hoping that my fellow enthusiasts could help me find a well-established and reliable speaker repair service. Luckily, in 30+ years of audio pursuits I haven't needed anyone for such work, but now I do. There are no local shops that I think would be suitable. Mid-Atlantic US best, but I would ship nationwide if I knew the work to be first rate. Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Happy listening.
Van L Speakerworks in Chicago
Without a doubt, the best is Millersound in Philadelphia.
Call Bill Legall on 215-412-7700 and tell him Vinh Vu sent you. He is a magician. Your repaired speakers will sound better than the original, guaranteed!!
I agree on Bill Legall. He fixed my Infinity RS 1B speakers. He also makes really good cables.
If you are closer to the Pittsburgh area, contact Dennis McNeill at Tri-State Loudspeaker, 724-375-9203. He servised a pair of Vandersteen mid-range speakers - the surround dried up. When I went to his modest shop, he had all types of drives scheduled for some form of repair.

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Thanks very much for all your help.
Happy listening.
Mark P.
simplyspeaker is excellent.
Millersound, Millersound, Millersound! There is no better place to have any work done on your loudspeakers. Mr. LeGall's craftmanship is bar none and his prices are amazingly low. Give them a call. (215) 412-7700.