Recommended Redbook Under $5K

My Sony SCD-1 is now approaching age 5 and has taken a bit of a beating through multiple relocations during its time with me. It seems like it it might be time for a replacement. I have so few SACDs that this feature is not important - although I wouldn't object to SACD capability. There are so many new choices out there that researching possibilities seems a daunting task. Hence, recommendations on where to start would be much appreciated.

This unit will go into the following system:

Sonus Faber Cremona.
This question is asked about every 10-14 days. There's a lot of info available in the threads.
I would try an ARC CD3 mk II or an used Audio Aero Capitole mk II. Both are excellent players in their respective price points.
Accuphase dp65. There is one for sale for $2k here on Audiogon. The sound of it is similar to ARC sound.
>>This question is asked about every 10-14 days<<

Has it been that long already? Time sure flies when you're having a good time.
Budgeting $1000 for a receiver & $5000 for a CDP indicates a system out of whack to say the least. Happy hunting. It`s your $.
Have you considered having your SCD-1 upgraded? If the player is still in good shape then it might be a worthwhile (and relatively inexpensive) next step. As I recall the SCD-1, it is a very sturdy chassis with powerful bass, but which could be improved in detail, especially in the mids and highs.
My own redbook player is a Levinson 37 - like yours, a sturdy unit. For a few hundred dollars, I sent it to Joseph Chow (, who installed excellent output transformers and better internal wiring. The performance improvement was amazing.
My top two choices...

AA Cap II or RA Opus 21 w/ GNSC Mods

Though I'm with Tvad on this one. There's a plethora of info available in the archives.
Thanks for the input. I haven't visited this forum very often as digital is a secondary source for me. I haven't been looking for/thinking much about it for 5 plus years - so I wasn't aware that the subject has come up so often. Sorry to be redundant - I'll check back through the threads.



As for Porziob - where did you see anything about a receiver or $1,000? Not from me.
My opinion is that ARC CD3MkII in your case is a good fit with all the ARC gear you're using. Very good player that plays any type of music very well. Reads CD-Rs without any problems. Run CD3MkII into your LS-25 balanced and you will be very happy.