Recommended Reading Suggestions

Being new to the world of high end audio, other than the incredible wealth of information on Audiogon, what book(s) and magazine publications would you suggest to someone serious about learning more about the equipment, music, and the technology aspects of audio, etc?

As an aside, I just looked at a recent issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine, which is a British publication, and found it to be very informative. It seemed to have a bit of an attitude, particularly about the American taste in audio equipment, but that may have only been in this January/February issue. Otherwise is this one of the better publications to subscribe too?
The main American rags are Stereophile and The Absolute Sound.
Two books that may be available at your local library. If you like them and find them to be worthwhile reading, you can always buy a copy to have handy.

Good Sound by Laura Dearborn

The Complete Guide to High End Audio by Robert Harley

Both books offer a glimpse of what goes into building a hi-fi system and how to select components. As a i said, both are a "glimpse" of what this field is about, so don't consider either of them to be "all inclusive".

As for audio rags, get ready to sort through a bunch of tripe. You'll have to learn how to read between the lines in a hardcore fashion if you really want to learn and be informed. The same thing goes for the above two books and any post ( mine included ) on the net. Everyone has personal preferences / biases / outside influences and they are bound to creep up when composing their comments.

As to the difference in sonics from England to the USA, they are abundant in both preferences and gear. "Anglophiles" are lovers of the "English sound". There are followers of French, Italian, Asian, Nordic, etc... "family sounds" also. As to what "Americans" prefer, our sonic preferences are as diverse as our cultures i.e. no two people will hear or like various components to the same degree. As such, you'll have to listen for yourself and see what YOU like as an individual. There is quite a bit of "good" gear out there and most of what you will end up with will be what suites you sonically. Either that or you'll fall prey to recommendations of various resources ( magazines, dealers, "netizens", etc...) and always be looking. Sean
Pick up an "electronics 101" textbook to learn how transformers, resistors, capacitors, etc. work.
It's time well spent.