Recommended preamplifier for magtech + maggie 3.7

Hello friends, my name is Danny and I'm from Israel.
I would like to hear your recommendations for 2 channel pre amplifier
my current set up: maggie 3.7, sanders magtech, sony x800 bluray, Chord qtest Dac
80% of the music I hear are DVD/Blu-Ray live show, pcm 2 channel
20% are cd/sacd
my current preamplifier is THX marantz AV8003 7.1 inputs (only L R 2 main input)
I here a lot about pass lab, Ayre etc etc, tube also
Thank You in advance
If you want a little bounce and meat a Cary SLP-98F1 is pretty good but there are others depending on taste. 
Why not audition “the preamp” by Sanders? Worldwide shipping paid by Roger. She is a great little preamp!” Has gain settings you can set for each Selection, cd, phono. Also join the Martin Logan forum, he gives a discount for being a member.....
plus there is a few selector switches you can fine tune your tt’s sound  
 Other option is the CJ ET3 se. amazing preamp.
also the parasound  p series of preamps are great!

If you only do %20 for music, get a good SS pre.    Try the Sanders......small, but a straight wire with gain!
great lil preamp!

"If you only do %20 for music"
No, 100% music, 80% dvd live show, 20% cd
Thank you!