Recommended Pre-Amps under 1k?

Good day everyone! I am looking at Pre-Amps under 1k. I know it’s a very tight budget….

So far the Schiit Freya S and Freya + are well regarded. I am open to any suggestions. It does not need to have a DAC or phono input just FYI. 

thanks guys


Topping Pre90 is a good preamp for the money ($850). Rviewed by Stereophile recently and deemed very good. 

Find a used Classe' Sigma SSP, and use it as a 2 channel line stage. Read up on it, it was built for 2 channel. Truly balanced. PM me I have one in the box collecting dust.

I just wanted to report back guys, the audiolab 6000A Play is being used as my pre-amp/dac/streamer and WOW just so impressed with the improvement. This will take me well down the road. The 6000cdt pairs well and sounds incredible. The two PA3’s used as baby mono blocks sound like they took a tier upscale. 

Sounds Amazing, so happy!

I picked up a Sonic Frontiers SFL -1 for $500 six months ago.   Great sounding preamp , Parts Connexion still services and upgrades them.   I have it in my system right now, my main preamp is being serviced ... it is one of the best values in used preamps out there, even though its older its built like a tank and I think I actually like it better than my cj Classic .   I have to decide which spare pre I'm going to keep ,  pretty sure I'm selling the cj and keeping the SFL....