Recommended pre amp's w/excellent phono stage

I really want to explore this route first, before I use an outboard pre I am just kind of finicky about adding another cable to complicate matters. Please restrict your recommendations to the sub-$1K category.

Thank you
Audio Research SP-14 has an outstanding phono section,
and great input versatility. It can be found used
for around $1K.
MFA Magus, Counterpoint SA-5000, SA-3000, Audible Illusions Modulus, Audio Research SP-6.
If you give an info about your amplifier it would be much easier to throw for your choices. Also how many components you need to hookup to your preamp?
IMO I would not interfear with Counterpoint gear since its service is under the BIG question on the market but used ones are sold at a small fraction of a retail price solely for that reason.
This is a cool web page for some affordable preamps with phono. While not a complete list of all the good pre amps it will suggest many.

I have been happy with my Classe CP-35, to which I've added the optional phono card. This is a daughtercard, so nothing is external, it just turns your first input into a phono input. Supports MC/MM. You are left with three regular inputs (in addition to the phono) and 1 balanced input, as well as tape in/out.

List price for the combo is about $1550, but the CP-35 used is often listed here for $500-$800. I haven't seen the phono board sold here, but even if you pay new price ($250) for the phono board, you're still within the budget.
Classe makes a few preamps with phono in your price range like the CP-45 or if you can spend a bit more go with the CP-60 Happy Listening
There is a Jeff Rowland Coherence One preamp now on audiogon for $800. One of the best phono stage I have owned, and I have had both the AI Modulus 3 and Counterpoint SA5.1. Rowland stuff sounds great and lasts forever.
i have a conrad johnson pv10A pre amp that has an excellent phono is paired with a b&k ss amp.the pv10A comes up now and then in the classifieds.if you can get it for $600 or under it is a steal.cj will also upgrade it to 10B status for about $300.
Rega Hal is a good choice for budget analog system. I have ever compared Rega with Lehmann Black Cube and cant locate the difference.
If using moving magnet or hi-output (0.8 mv @ 5 cm/sec) cartridges, try the Audio Research SP 9 MK III. Using the tape-out outputs the SP 9 MK II was indistinguishable from the SP 14 (the line stage was more veiled, less good overall, but also less "hard" sounding at times). The upgrade to the MK III substitutes MIT Caps for Wondercaps, doubles power supply capacitance, and improves grounding, resulting in much better bass extension and dynamics and less system grunge. The unit is still VERY sensitive to line noise, so I suggest using a sound conditoner or VESA blocks. Phono overload is 200 mv @ 1 K, and it maintains equivalent overload at 10 K. This, combined with relatively low noise levels makes it sound very dynamic. It is best used with a more up-to-date line stage (or maybe its the 6922's in the system; I much prefer the sound using the ARC LS 16 MK II). Also, consider getting a kit for an IEC power connection that is said to be available from Len at ARC.

Good hunting!
Well there is used Bryston (but only if you like your phono stages dead quiet, some people like the HF hash that they interpret as "air" or "detail". Real air and detail is different and harder to do.)

Also Van Alstine often has some great used preamps with phono stages and they usually sound damned good.

Bryston and Van Alstine products have the (audiophile) liability of being utterly stable and non tweaky in behavior.