Recommended power cords with Musical Design amps

Looking for power cord recommendations to use with Musical Design amps. I'm really looking for something in the under $300 "used" area.

Right now, I have the following power cords to start with:

Michael Wolff Carbon Ribbon Gain
Audio Magic Matrix
Von Gaylord Chinchilla

Thanks in advance.
Before you dink around too much with the power cords, I'd contact Musical Design about any improvements they'd recommend for the secondary side of the power supply - not the AC side.

I know that John H, there, is always improving the driver boards and power supply configurations on the Haflers I've updated over the past 10 years. They just seem to get better and better hence my recommendations to consider this approach first.


Thanks David. I actually spoke with John H. and we talked about the upgrade path for my amp (D-140i) that takes it to the D-150B status. I'm eventually going to send it in for the upgraded circuit boards and at that time, I'll also replace certain caps and resistors.

In the meantime, I'm wondering how well this amp will respond to other power cords, replacement of fuses, and maybe some ERS cloth. It already has upgraded Edison Price binding posts and chasis dampening material.
For a few dollars more you can get the new Tek Line Cables microReference. I have been beta testing it and the next level up. At $350, the miroReference is a bargain