recommended power cords - Naim CD5/Flatcap2?

Do specialized power cords make any difference with the Naim CD5/Flatcap2 player? Or is the Naim power supply good enough that the cords dont matter? What have people here found to work well? Thanks, Samir.
Naim will tell you that the cord provided is the best to use as the final design of all their pieces is based on this cord. They claim to test all manner of cords, interconnects, and speaker cables and have yet to find any that perform better.

I have not done so myself, but my dealer has tried a variety of cables with Naim gear and agrees that the Naim stuff is the best with their equipment. Even though he sells his own brand of cables he recommends sticking with stock Naim cables.

That's one thing I like about the system. You don't have to sink a lot of money into cabling to extract optimum performance.
I have heard the same from NAIM, and found it to be true when I owned their equipment. CD and Pre/Amp.
Thanks for the feedback. Samir.