Recommended power cord for Cary


I'm wondering if anyone has any power cord recommendations for AES (Cary) AE-3 DJH and AES (Cary) SuperAmp. I'd like to keep them in the $300 each price range, but could go higher if there was a compelling reason.

Associated equipment:
CD: Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player
Pre-Amp: AES AE-3 DJH
Amp: AES SuperAmp DJH
Interconnects: Kimber KCAG
Speakers: Vandersteen 2Ce Signature
Speaker Cables: Kimber 8TC

Thanks in advance.

I have had great success with BMI EEL (and even better) BMI Whale Elite.
I second Mr.Lak's opinion. Currently have all Whales in my solid state system and just picked up through auction another 3-footer for my Richard Gray line conditioner. I am very happy with the improvements the Whales did in my audio system.

But, Kevin a local dealer of mine is a big Cary dealer and had a pair of another brand X power cord around $2350 a pop retail for a 5 footer. He had sweared by them until we got into a heated discussion about powre cords. So I brought into his store two of my 5 foot BMI Whales to borrow for the day and hooked it up to his Cary mono-blocks. Anyway you should of seen his expression on his face when he heard the Cary amps with the Whales on them.
His jaw dropped and to say the least blown away. He wanted to buy them from me to keep and I told him to go get his own. The rest is history, he currrently has a pair of Whales on his Cary blocks in his store and that's without selling them because BMI only sells direct. Go listen to a Whale if you can.