Recommended Player

I have an unsampled Tjoeb 4000, done the tube rolling ect.
The Basic sound of this player Is Very detailed and dynamic but it has problems,
I need a player with Extra Bass extenstion smooth mids and detailed and dynamic while not being harsh.
Bow ZZ-8 (either the original 20-bit, upgradeable to 24; or the newer 24 bit)
naim cd5x
I suppose this will depend on your budget, but in either case give Paul Weitzel at TRL a call. They have modified many decks and they can either modify yours ($550 standard fee), or do a completely different unit for you. The Marantz SA-14 comes to mind but will run you about $1800 including mods. I hear they have a universal Sony player mod now that should be less since the base Sony unit costs less than the Marantz. I'm told the Sony mod will be unreal. It's well worth the call.
What are the rest of the components in the system?
I tried Audio Research CD2 for several weeks in my system. A buddy of mine was nice to let me use it and see what I think. Well, I think this machine's got what you crave. Very good sound and the bass is outstanding. Built like a tank.