Recommended new speakers for under $500?

Hi all, I'm looking for a set of new speakers for backup/second system. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about the Usher S-520. I have no preference whether the speakers are full range, monitor, or planar.
The new issue of Stereophile had an excellent review of the Mordaunt-Short "Carnival" speakers. List price is only $250.00 a pair.
Check out these:|293%3A1|294%3A30
DALI Lektors, Paradigm Atoms, or the Usher 520s.
Energy RC-10, and NHT Classic Two are also worthy of consideration.
cambridge soundworks classic model six- 149 bucks
I have to second Mapmans' suggestion of checking out the Ohm's. Amazing speakers.
These days there are many many takes on what's the best way to create a $500 speaker, give or take a couple hundred. At around $700 there's the Totem Mite. For $479 there's the PSB Image B25, and for less there's the glossy little Usher you mentioned.

For an all-rounder, I like the PSB. It's 4 dB more sensitive than the Usher, which is equivalent to more than doubling your amplifier power. Its power handling is much higher than the other two, it has more bass extension, its on-axis frequency response is as linear as an expensive speaker, and its dispersion pattern is smooth and wide.
I'd take PSB over Usher in general and agree with Johnny's assessment.
NHT has a good choice under $500 and you can now buy direct from the factory, on line. They have a good return policy so you can decide for yourself after you hook them up to your rig. In home demo is the best way to buy.
At this price point and little extra going used has real benefits paradigm 20 gma europas sonus faber concertinos
Agree with all that has been posted here, and suggest adding EPOS ELS 8 Mini Monitor to your list.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll check into them. I'm a sucker for small speakers that can throw a huge soundstage.
Second the reco for Paradigm Studio 20s. They are $800 a pair but slay rivals.
Jesus...get Magneplanar base model MMG's...the mids and highs will blow all the other aforementioned speaker away IMHO. Also, depending on where you place them, the bass will be adequate to excellent regardless of their reputation of little bass that you read so often here. Good luck.
Yea, the MMGs are on top of my list too. Used to have the MG IIIs back in the 80's.
Dracule1, I had Thiel's, Acoustic zen, JBL monitors and a few others in my main system for a good while. All were excellent. I decided to keep my MMG's as my mains for a good while because I could not give up those mids/highs. I tried a few different positions for the placement of the speakers AND my listening position. I found the spot where I had plenty of base for my taste. I listen to everything...classical, rock, metal, punk, progressive jazz...and all on vinyl mostly. I throw in a cd every once in a while. As for a secondary cant go wrong with these guys. Period. IMHO of course. Cheers.
JohnBlue JB3 would be my suggestion. Do a search for reviews.

You can always add a sub later to make them really shine.

Cool suggestion.