Recommended Interconnects for Multi-Channel

I am currently using Acoustic Zen matrix from my Processor to my AMP. Processor is non HDMI.

I just purchased an Oppo BDP-103 so I would be able to take advantage of Lossless audio which I was not able too running optical.

I'm not sure what cables I should purchase to connect from the Oppo to my processor, 5.1, (needing 3 pairs).

Others that have the same setup as me, what cables are you using or recommend.
With my Oppo I use Blue Jeans LC-1 Interconnects. You can get them color coded and sleeved for multi-channel use. Before that I used Outlaw Audio PCA Interconnects but a the locking barrels they use on those ICs are a bit thick and spacing between them will be VERY slim once everything is connected.
Second the Blue Jeans. It is very expensive to run 6 or 7 or 9 cables. If your 103 is close to the processor, I believe it can't be a factor. BJ cables LC-1 is solid core, low capacitance, shielded (because these cables are usually exposed to power cables), and affordable. Best choice in my opinion.