Recommended interconnect phono to preamp

Hello, I am looking for a 0.5m interconnect for my VPI-JWA tone arm to a GCPH Cambridge preamp. I'm just overwhelmed at the number of choices. I will not be fooled by a 5000U$ half meter of anything but I want a quality shielded cable.
Thanks for the input.
Here's the choice I've been happily using for many years now.

and this won't break your back account

simply superb single crystal cables
I am a VPI dealer and have had good luck with the Van den Hul THE FIRST ULTIMATE in the metal screened version. Actually the unscreened works as well in most cases. I was using them myself before becoming a dealer. But there is no one cable that will sound best in every case.
In my system, heavy emphasis on my system, the Hovland Music Groove 2 was the best one I found without more than doubling my price. YMMV.
I believe that GCPH is not made by Cambridge but PS Audio and I am very pleased with Morrow Audio PH3 cables.
FWIW Brooks Berdan told me to use 1.5 meter I/C, nothing less, from TT>phono.
1.5M appears to be a magic number for some, it is also recommended by some of the digital cable companies. On the face of it shorter should be better but as I have not [ and will not, short of being granted immortality] taken the time to exhaustively compare different length cables of identical construction I have no idea if there is anything in it. George Cardas said on his forum that he did not think 1.5 was necessary but to avoid 24" to 30" ones, I forget why. With TT use cartridge loading by varying amounts of capacitance is involved but the whole question is quite murky with respected designers holding opposing views.
I use Anti-Cables from my VPI to my Ayre preamp...excellent
I tried a bunch, and ended up with VPI cable, it sounds great. I have recently switched to a Graham Slee made cable to match the connections to my Graham Slee Elevator step up transformer, and these have been wonderful as well.

I would suggest the VPI cables first, great cable regardless of price, and they are not expensive.
I bought some 28ga cotton-insulated silver wire, a Cardas DIN plug, and in my case some Neutrik XLRs (you might want male RCA plugs), from M Percy and made my own IC, for a net investment of around $100. Percy also sells the braided shield and heat shrink you might want. This is for use in what I consider to be a high end system and sounds fabulous.
I'm another VdH user. Mine is the Integration. I've used it on both an LP12 and my current LT-30
I am very happy with the Morrow PH-3 cables that I am using between my VPI Classic and EAR 834p phono preamp.