Recommended Integrated Amp To Use With B&W 805S

Recently picked up a mint pair of B&W 805S as a basis for a 2 channel system along with an Oppo 83SE. Would appreciate recommendations on a used integrated amp under $1,500. My room size is 13 by 20 by 10. Need not have a phono stage; I will be picking that up separately later. No preference between SS, or tubes. The speakers are rated at 125 watts max so I am thinking in at least the 100 watt output range.

Thanks in advance for your replys.
When I had a pair of the 805S monitors, I used a 150w/ch NAD C372 (solid state) and was pleased with the result. I've also heard the 805S's with the newer NAD C375BEE (also 150w/ch solid state) and perceived that to be a definite step up from the C372. The C375BEE sells for $1,500 new. The NAD M3 (180w/ch solid state) would be yet another step up. A used M3 can be had within your budget.

I'm currently using Musical Fidelity M6PRE/M6PRX with B&W 804 Diamonds and really, really like the sound. The Musical Fidelity M6i (200w/ch), a lower priced integrated version of the separates that I have, lists new at $2999 but can be had used for much less. There's also the M3i integrated (76w/ch) which lists new for $1500.

To my ears, NAD with B&W leans to the warm side of neutral whereas Musical Fidelity leans to the analytic side of neutral though certainly not harsh.

In the tube arena, you might want to consider the Rogue Cronos Magnum 90w/ch, but it may be a bit above your budget. I see there's a used one listed on Audiogon for $1699.
Based on my research the NAD and MF lines are on my list and I appreciate the model references. I should have noted this system will be for an apartment so experiencing a good sound stage and clarity at low to moderate sound levels are a primary concern. I listen mostly to smooth jazz, and classic rock. I have never used any tube, or hybrid gear and would at some point like to try some. Just not sure these are the right speakers to use for testing this type of equipment on.
I run my B&W CDM 1NTs with a Musical Fidelity A5 Int Amp - I'm in a very happy place - no plans to change.