recommended IC cables for Stax earspeakers

I think I will soon bid farewell to my electret earspeakers and buy the new Stax 4040 Signature set, i.e. with the Stax SRM-006t II energizer. I'll feed the source signal (cd) directly into the energizer and wonder whether anyone has a particular recommendation with regard to IC cables for that purpose (I'll probably go for the rca input, not the symmetrical). In general, does it seem wiser to choose silver cable or copper?
Thanks for any experience or thoughts you may want to share.

You want copper over silver with the exception of Synergistic cables. The Stax are very fast with a little sizzle at the top and silver cables like Nordost would turn your Stax into Klipsch.

Best cables would be the Nobius built by Intuitive Design with FMS and possibly Shunyata after that. There are a few others that would be good but I have never heard anyone try the Nobius and not say that they were magnitudes above anything they have tried.

If you do look at Nobius, I think the second from the bottom line cables is the best value.