Recommended FR 66 service

Hi guys
can anybody recommend somebody reliable to refurbish an FR66s tonearm ?
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Robert at Analog Tube Audio has been modding and saving my FR64S's
Today I received my FR-66fx tonearm, this is not a NOS like my FR-64fx and 64fx PRO.
But what a beauty, this is one and only FR with banana shaped armtube. 

The 66fx normally goes for crazy price (just like 66s compared to 64s which I also own), I did not pay too much for the 66fx and trade off is used condition. Everything is OK, but the access to the spring in tracking force mechanism is open. I can glue this round metal part back, but maybe I have to change the grease (normally it’s hard to open up this part, but mine is already opened).

I remember my old buddy Nandric and I think he posted something about another audiogon member (Dertonearm) and his service.

Another thumbs up for Robert of Anaolog Tube Audio, who did a great job on refurbishing and rewiring my 64S.

@chak, congrats on the 66FX and be sure to tell us the sonic difference with the 64FX. While I own both 64S and 64FX, I can’t help being interested in the 66S and 66FX, despite their insane market prices. There MUST (or should, if we leave out collector’s value) be a huge sonic benefit to justify the price differential. Is there?