Recommended for digital coaxial cable

Any recommendation for digital coaxial cable connect from BK Ref-30 with 7250 amp to BW speaker HTM2. Right now using monster digital coaxial. Thanks
I have a very similar set up and have tried six different coax cables, and settled on the Acoustic Zen MC2. It is the most natural sounding, grain and glare free digital cable I have heard. You won't be sorry if you go for it. Good luck.
The Stealth Varidig digital cable is a reference level coaxial that is designed with all-silver and offers some special geometry that makes it a surperior design. Many owners of this cable have said that it is a cable unmatched in performance over any other cable they have tried.

It's not an inexpensive cable (and nor should it be for this level of performance), but neither is it the most expensive -especially when they have been on AudiogoN auction (see a recently closed auction to get an idea about this cable and pricing,, selling at a substantial discount. Additionally, with Stealth's money-back return policy, it's at least worth an audition.

Happy shopping!
Illuminations D-60, 1 meter. Bought from Am running this with a BK Ref-30, Acurus 5ch amp, Sony DVP-9000es. Sounds great.
Anyone using MIT Terminator 3 digital coaxial?
If you can afford it the Acoustic Zen Mc2 is fabulous,
sound to die for, Agon member "disco" can get you very good price, much lower than $300 list. For under $100 the AZ silver photon is a giant killer.

I have owned MIT digital reference, and prefer the AZ Mc2.