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As the post says. Got a chance to get a reference speaker at a reasonable price. BUT, and this is a big BUT, what amplification will work best? I subscribe to the philosophy that you start with the speaker and work backward. I'm in the match the speaker to the source/amp camp.

That said, I am definitely purchasing a pair of new Thiels CS7.2's.

My current listening room is 12*16*8. This is small for the 7.2's but the layout will allow me to position them within the suggested Thiel parameters.

Listening tastes are varied from jazz to indie to classical as are listening volumes.

Sources are vinyl and music server.

My understanding is that these are not as current-hungry as earlier Thiel's but that they are still current hungry. Also, minimum impedance is aroudn 3 ohms. Not an easy load from that perspective. My understanding is that the 7.2's don't have the extreme phase angles and aren't as difficult to drive.

Any help here is appreciated. Currently using a Rega Elicit, which I understand from my conversations with Thiels will be "adequate but not ideal" with 140 wpc into 4 ohms for my room.

Thiel's recommendations were Bryston, Krell, McIntosh. All obvious candidates. Budget is $4K for pre/amp which is what I expect to get if I sell all of my other gear that is lying around.

For an amp, there is the Van Alstine Ultra 550. Tube input stage, ss output stage. Close to 300 watts into 8 ohms. Fast fast fast, clean and solid... and it has tubes to tame the edges.

Reason I like it: with this amp, I get clarity that rivals the stax headphones, and that's not easy to do.
thiels are very current hungry ..except I believe their 1.6 models ..why not call thiel and find out what amps they voiced the 7.2? This would help greatly and avoid buying to undercurrent an amp...can't hurt to call.
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I use a McCormack DNA500 with my Thiel CS6's and am very pleased. If you could stretch your budget a bit, a used CJ tube preamp and a used McCormack DNA500 might work very well.
I heard big Theils with the Rouge Zuess monster tube amp. They sounded excellent and would recommend you consider such an amp if you like the tube magic.
I believe Thiel was using Krell's when they were demo'ing 7.2's in house. Thiels need current, quality and quantity. With the 7.2's I suggest bigger real (not the HT or intergrateds) Krells or bigger Pass Labs X or X.5's.
Are tube amps then out of the question but for some tube pre/amp combos well outside of the $4k budget? Is SS almost a necessity with Thiel, even the "easier" to drive 7.2s?
Almost, they're not that easy to drive. At least not for most tube amp budgets.