Recommended DVD-A Titles?

I own one DVD-A...Donald Fagan's "Nightfly". It's phenomenal. Stunning resolution and naturalness while maintaining the drive of redbook, which IMO SACD lacks.

Please suggest some DVD-A titles you have discovered. Any genre.

SACD need not apply...

"everything must go" By Steely Dan
Tvad: Maybe give REM's Automatic for the People a shot. Similar genre, Seal: Best 1994-2004, Yoshimi and the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips, and David Gray's A New Day at Midnight. Yes' Fragile or The Eagles' Hotel California if you like classic rock, and maybe The Rat Pack's Live at the Villa Venice if you want a glimpse into an era gone by.

I can't personally recommend classical titles because I prefer SACD to DVD-A (with apologies), so I buy Super Audio discs when possible (and with classical titles SACD has far greater availability than DVD-A).

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Some more SD on DVD-A that's highly recommended -
Two Against Nature
Everything Must Go.

A DVD-A that's a MUST HAVE - Grateful Dead - Amercian Beauty

A good one - Bonnie Raitt, Road Tested

An interesting one - Yes-Fragile - it includes a surround version of America that's worth it by itself.
If you like jazz at all, Grover Washington-Winelight. Very well recorded.
Tvad...Are you multichannel? If so there are some really spectacular discs I could recommend.
Mark Knopfler - Shangri-La
Beck - Sea Change
Pat Metheny - Imaginary Day
Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead
I would add Deep Purple - Machine Head, Sting - Sacred Love & Brand New Day and Beck - Sea Change.

02-14-06: Eldartford
Tvad...Are you multichannel? If so there are some really spectacular discs I could recommend.
Two channel only.

Some great suggestiones in here. Bonnie Raitt's "Road Tested" may be my top concert DVD, and at least in the top three. I never knew it was available on DVD-A.

Also, I'm a big Knopfler fan, but I've put off buying "Shangri La" for some reason. Never knew it was available on DVD-A, so now I'm hunting on my favorite sites for a used copy.

Thanks to everyone.

The intention here is for this thread to be a resource for anyone looking for great DVD-A titles. Every genre is welcome, IMO.
Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
America- Home Coming,
Eagles- Hotel California
Classic Records has several DVD'a out called HDAD's made from Master tapes having 24/92 on 1 side and Super high 24/192 resolution on the other side of the disc,]Stunning sound].Titles Alan Parsons, Turn of a Friendly Card,I Robot and Eye in the Sky,Muddy Waters,Berlioz Requiem 2 Disc 4 channel Surround,Casino Royale Soundtrack A Classic Audiophile Reference and Canonball Adderly-Something Else.Cheapest place to buy them is on E Bay.
Tvad - I noticed you like Mark Knopfler. Dire Straits remastered 20th anniversary edition of BIA is out on DVD-A in 5.1ch if you decide to go multi-channel!! Even the 2-ch mix is redone from what I hear.
Metallica-Black Album

Sound is incredibly clear and clean. Drums are sheer power. Good use of all channels without being gimmicky.

I also agree with the Shangri-La suggestion.
...for 2-channel anyway. I'm in the same boat - no multi-channel.

Also see:
The Who - Tommy (GREAT 2-channel mix with an even better story behind it)
All the Talking Heads remasters
Linda Ronstatad WHAT'S NEW
I've purchased a couple Classic Records DVD-A discs, including Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin' Else", which is stunning in both quality of music and recording. I was less impressed with the Berlioz "Requiem", primarily due to some problems I discerned with the source tape, but I'm eager to buy more Classic Records releases.

I did purchase Knopfler's "Shangri-La" and found the music to be rather boring...just not involving enough for me. The DVD-A recording was outstanding.
Freddie King "cannon ball" is incredible. I have never heard anything that good in my system before. Also, there is a Leon Russell disk that is again, fantastic. And Eric Clapton "Reptile" is not to bad.
Try Yes "Fragil", more resolution than planters has peanuts. An amazing job in the 5.1 mix as well.