Recommended Digital Cable for Wadia i171 &Rega Dac

Just purchased the new Wadia i171 transport and the new Rega Dac. Looking for recommendations for a good digital cable in the range of $100.00 to $200.00. Not sure about the one supplied with the Wadia how it competes with other digital cables within that price range. Thanks for any feedback.

Plinius:9200 integrated
Rega Dac
Wadia i171 transport
Speakers: Dynaudio Focus 140's on sound anchor stands
DNM speaker wire (IC DNM & FMS)
iPod classic 160g
NAD T 762 HT receiver
Pioneer Blu Ray player: BDP 51FD (Soon to be replaced with the new Oppo 95 or the new Cambridge 751 BD
Perennial favorites - Stereovox XV2 or Kimber D-60, used.
Black cat veloce $123 new(read 6 moons review) or Zu Ash mk3 if you can find it second hand.