Recommended DAC with Simaudio i-5

Looking for recommendations on DAC to place between my airport express and Simaudio i-5. Music tranmitted wireless to airport, then digital to DAC. Speakers are Paradigm 60 v3. Looking for DAC under $1,000.00. I know you can get the Benchmark, etc. for under 1K, but I'm really concerned about synergy with the i-5 as opposed to just getting the best brand name DAC. Thanks for any advice!
I am using a Musiland MD10 with an I5. It is $299.
I had exactly that setup for quite awhile, a Mac streaming Apple Lossless files to an Airport Express, then a glass optical cable to a Benchmark DAC-1 and an I-5. I was very happy with it. It was very open and dynamic and both pieces of gear were a joy to use.

The Benchmark has been so popular that they come up for sale often and always sell quickly for around the same price. You should be able to try one for yourself just for the cost of shipping. That would be better than any recommendation you could get.